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U.S. sanctions: Customers suing Compass Mining
Compass Mining customers are suing for $2 million for fraud. The firm terminated connections with Russian hosting provider Bit River and didn't restore clients' Bitcoin machines. It cut connections with Bit River over non-applicable US sanctions.
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $20,000 Following US Jobs Report
Bitcoin dropped 2% following the release of the job figures reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
PlanB Says Bitcoin Has Bottomed Out for New Bull Run
According to PlanB, it became glaring in the first quarter of this year that the Bitcoin bull run was over and we have now entered a full-blown bear market.
Bitcoin Hits a Five-month Low of $39,650, Leading to $323M Liquidation for Crypto Traders
Bitcoin prices hit a five-month low of $39,650 on Monday, before briefly dipping 40K before bouncing back to the $41.5K level with over 103,839 traders were liquidated in the past 24 hours, valued at$329.63 Million.
Cryptocurrency Has No Inherent Worth, But Creates Trading Opportunities for Businesses, Says Man Group CEO
Luke Ellis, the CEO of Man Group, admitted that cryptocurrencies have no inherent value, but their volatility makes them good trading instruments.
Bitcoin Eyes for Bigger Move, says Market Analyst
Some market analysts believe Bitcoin aims at a bigger move as the volatility will soon go through the roof, saying another volatility is coming.
Bitcoin Supply on Exchanges Diminishes as BTC Stares at Last Key Support Level Above $30,000
As Bitcoin (BTC) eyes for a clear direction outside the $30K-40K range, the top cryptocurrency has been leaving crypto exchanges in droves.
Bitcoin Needs to Sustain the Level Around $32.2-33K as Support to Strengthen an Upward Momentum, says Market Analyst
Market analysts believe that the renewed upward momentum in the BTC market will sustain if the range between $32.2 and $33K got support.
Bitcoin Short Term Speculators Blamed for the Investor Group Realizing Most Losses
Bitcoin short term investors have been blamed for the primary culprits in the crash witnessed in the crypto market.
Bitcoin Hit the Worst Quarter Return since Q1 2018
Bitcoin is currently down nearly 46% this quarter. Bitcoin is about to meet its biggest decline since 2014.

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