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Billionaire Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000 by the End of 2022
Billionaire Tim Draper said he remains optimistic about Bitcoin and expects its price to reach $250,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023.
Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Keep Stacking While Short-Term Holders Keep Selling
On-chain analyst William Clemente III revealed that long-term holders keep on stacking as short-term holders keep on selling.
Bitcoin Needs to Push Above $40,000 for Bulls to Construct Confidence
Chris Weston, the head of research at Pepperstone Financial Pty, believes that Bitcoin ought to trade above the top of the present range of $40k for bulls to feel that they are out of vulnerability.
Bitcoin Plunges Over 11% Decline with $141.4M Outflow from Institutions
Bitcoin suffered its biggest decline in 10 days which has fallen by 11.19% in the past 24 hours, with the net outflow of institutions reaching a record of $141.4 million last week.
Bitcoin Inflows Into Exchanges Hits a 5-Month Low
Bitcoin inflows into crypto exchanges dropped to a 5-month low.
Bitcoin’s Average 30-Day Trader Returns Haven’t Dipped This Low Since Black Thursday
On-chain metrics provider Santiment revealed that the latest correction in the market has made Bitcoin’s average 30-day trader returns slip to lows not seen since Black Thursday.
Bitcoin Drops Down Nearly 50% from its Peak-Where is the Key Support Level?
The largest mainstream cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues another round of sell-off after a roller-coaster week trading. On Sunday, Bitcoin's biggest drop reached to 18% and fell to the lowest $31,111. This price was almost half of the $64,854 Bitcoin hit its All-Time High (ATH) on April 14 this year.
Why Bitcoin Plunged to $42K before Spiking Back to $45K
Elon Musk's tweet on Bitcoin payments being halted at Tesla generated a plunge in Bitcoin's price. The cryptocurrency plummeted to $42K before recovering in price, following Musk's clarification on Tesla's Bitcoin holdings.
Bitcoin Has Spent 3 Months Bouncing Between $45,000 and $60,000
Bitcoin’s upward momentum has dried up as it has spent three months bouncing between $45k and $60k, as alluded to by market analyst Lark Davis.
Bitcoin Plummets to $46K after Tesla Refuses Bitcoin Payments
After Elon Musk's announcement Tesla will no longer be accepting Bitcoin payments due to its environmental footprint, Bitcoin dropped by nearly $10,000.

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