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Bithumb Korea Reports Operational Losses Due to Declining Crypto Trading Volume
Bithumb Korea reported a Q2 operational loss of KRW 3.442 billion in 2023, down from a KRW 38.42 billion profit last year. The decline is attributed to reduced crypto trading volumes and fee income. The exchange is now offering no-fee events to boost activity.
Lee Jung-Hoon, Former Bithumb Chair Acquitted In First Instance
The 34th Division of the Criminal Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court acquitted former Bithumb chair Lee Jung-hoon on Jan. 3. He was charged with fraud under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes. Since October 2018, the previous chairman is accused of defrauding 100 billion won ($70 million) during takeover discussions.
Bankman-Fried’s FTX In Advanced Talks to Acquire South Korea’s Bithumb
FTX, a 32 billion crypto exchange, is in discussions to buy its rival Bithumb exchange. The deal is reported to be in an advanced stage, though financial terms are still undisclosed.
S. Korean Exchanges to be Held Accountable for LUNA Crash
According to the latest reports from local media platform Newspim, the top cryptocurrency exchanges are now likely to be held accountable for failing to implement measures to protect investors from the crash.
Upbit Becomes the First Exchange to Register with FIU as September Deadline Looms
Upbit has now registered with FIU as other exchanges move to follow this lead before the September 24 regulation deadline.
South Korea Top Four Crypto Exchanges Launch Joint Venture To Abide By AML Regulations
The heads of Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, and Upbit signed a memorandum to form a company with a system, which will enable them to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations.
South Korea Authorities Seize $47M in Crypto from Tax Evaders
South Korean authorities have made the largest crypto seizures in the country's history. $47 million in digital currencies have been confiscated.
Morgan Stanley in Talks to Acquire Multi-Million Dollar Stake in Bithumb Crypto Exchange
Morgan Stanley is reportedly in talks with Bithumb South Korea-based crypto exchange to acquire a multi-million-dollar stake in the exchange.
Embattled Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb May Be Acquired by Huobi
As interest mounts up toward the acquisition of Bithumb, Huobi Global is named as one of the favorite candidates to take up ownership of the exchange.
Bithumb Crypto Exchange Puts Itself Up for Sale Amid Fraud Probe
Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange is set up for sale amid accusations of the alleged fraud.

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