ASIC is an acronym for “Application Specific Integrated Circuit”. ASICs are silicon chips specifically designed to do a single task. In the case of bitcoin, they are designed to process SHA-256 hashing problems to mine new bitcoins.

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Cardano Breaks Correlation with Bitcoin Price with Recent Partnership with Coinbase and Shelley Mainnet Launch
Cardano recently partnered with Coinbase Custody to allow ADA holders to stake and store their funds in a secure cold wallet. The launch is expected in Q4 of 2020, once the staking rewards on Cardano’s Shelley mainnet becomes available.
Trump Handed Digital Future to China by Going After Bitcoin, Bolton's Book Reveals
President Trump’s opposition to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is well documented as is his determination to maintain the US Dollar's global status. According to a passage from ex-national security advisor John Bolton’s book—Trump’s administration has actually handed Bitcoin and Ethereum a huge advantage over other cryptocurrencies.
Japanese Based Cryptocurrency Exchange BitFlyer Reports $6.9Million Loss in 2019
bitFlyer, a Tokyo based cryptocurrency exchange reported a loss of $6.9 million after suffering a loss in customers amidst regulatory issues with the financial services agency of Japan. The company is doing all it can to stand strong and successfully survive this downtime.
PornVisory Plans Token Rewards for Porn Streaming
PornVisory is an Italian based adult content streaming site modeling the Brave Browser's system by rewarding users with its own token (PVY) to reward users who view content and ads on the site while also promoting anonymity.
Crypto Miners Allege Chinese Bitcoin Mining Giant Delivered "Defective" Product
Ahead of Bitcoin’s much-awaited halving event on May 12, a group of miners alleged Bitmain’s latest “Antminer” deliveries were defective and led to losses for investors.
Tim Draper's Venture Studio Launches New WordPress Plugin for Anyone to Host a Cryptocurrency Exchange
Tim Draper’s venture studio has launched a new WordPress plugin, which makes it possible for anyone to create a cryptocurrency exchange on a WordPress-based website. Established in 2018, Goren Holm Ventures is an incubator/accelerator firm based in Santa Monica, California. A well-known investor and venture capitalist, Tim Draper, partnered with Goren Holm Ventures in 2019 and later rebranded it as Draper Goren Holm. The firm focuses on incubating and accelerating blockchain and crypto startups.
Matrixport: Jihan Wu's Spin Off Start-up Meeting Demand for Cryptocurrency Services Beyond Bitmain's Mining Ecosystem
Cynthia Wu is the Head of Business Development and Sales at Matrixport where she is also focused on building business for Cactus Custody and managing Matrixport’s key investor relations. In this first part of our exclusive interview, Wu shares her insights with Blockchain.News on the state of the Bitcoin mining, the surge in Bitcoin’s Hashrate and the potential impact that the coming Bitcoin halving will have on Bitcoin miners.
Coronavirus Measures in China Delay Crypto Hardware for MicroBT and Bitmain Customers
The coronavirus is causing mass disruption throughout Asia and has now been declared a ‘global health emergency’ by the World Health Organisation. The Chinese government have taken drastic isolation measures and over 40 million people are effectively on lockdown. Two major crypto hardware manufacturers have been having difficulties servicing clients from their bases in China.

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