Stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that helps two separate applications communicate with one another. They define methods of communication between various components.

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Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio Bearish on Cash Says Central Banks Drive Economy
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio, the Founder and CIO of Bridgewater Associates asserted that since the 2008 Financial Crisis, the behavior of central banks like the Federal Reserve demonstrates that capital markets are no longer free.
US Banking Giant Patents AI Fact Checker to Simplify Investing in Crypto
Capital One Services, a subsidiary of US banking giant Capital One has patented a new artificial intelligence system to guide human cryptocurrency traders through the complicated world of misinformation in the digital assets space.
May 15: The Year of Bitcoin Options?
Happy Friday! BTC up 3% in the past 24 hours, flirting $9,900, teasing the market at the $10K psychological level. In the last few days, I noticed BTC weakness from the start of Asia session followed by buying activity when the U.S. woke up, driven primarily by spot buying (futures curve still relatively flat).
US-China Cold War Could Benefit Bitcoin
An internal Chinese report presented to Chinese Leader Xi Jinping and his top party members on May 4, concluded that anti-China sentiment is currently at its highest since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown according to Reuters.
Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead Predicts Bitcoin Price Rebound Despite Slow Economic Recovery
In an investor letter, Dan Morehead Pantera Capital CEO explained why the current market environment could be a boom for Bitcoin as investors seek new opportunities.
Ethereum 2.0 Rival Raises $21.6M Round Led by Andreessen Horowitz for Web-Scale Decentralized Application Platform
Decentralized applications startup Near Inc announced $21.6 million tokens raised led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Joined by other investment firms, including Libertus, Animal Ventures, Notation Capital, Blockchange, Pantera Capital, and Distribution Global, the token sale is the network’s second funding, following a $12.1 million round last July.
Could IBM’s Blockchain Platform be the Solution to Disrupted Healthcare Supply Chains Caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic?
IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect leverages the existing IBM’s blockchain platform, Trust Your Supplier, which is a blockchain-based trusted digital identity and supplier information that simplifies the supplier onboarding and supplier management processes while reducing risks. IBM is allowing qualifying suppliers to use Rapid Supplier Connect free of charge until August 31. New York’s largest nonprofit healthcare group, Northwell Health recently joined IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect Network, a blockchain project that aims to tackle the disrupted healthcare supply chains caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Understanding the Market Structure of Oil and its Correlation with Bitcoin
The price of crude oil dropped below zero for the first time in history. With storage facilities filled to the brim and settlement of May futures contract on Tuesday, the price movement has shocked many. In this analysis, we study the recent history of oil, what drives it price and how it affects Bitcoin.
First Crypto Fund Approved by Hong Kong’s Financial Regulator Aims to Pass $100M in its First Year
Hong Kong’s first approved cryptocurrency fund, Arrano Capital, the blockchain arm of Venture Smart Asia announced its rollout of a new Bitcoin fund in Hong Kong.
China’s Blockchain and FinTech Sector to Brace for 'Capital Winter' Even After the Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides
Investment activity in China’s tech sector has seen a massive drop in the past four months since the coronavirus outbreak has emerged from the city of Wuhan. The venture capital market has been suffering a tremendous impact on its existing drop in activity.

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