Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science, is concerned with developing computers capable of doing tasks that would typically need human intelligence. Such tasks include learning from and adjusting to new facts or situations, reading human language, discovering patterns, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Kraken Secures E-Money License in EU, Expands Virtual Asset Services in Spain
Kraken, a San Francisco-based crypto platform, has secured an E-Money Institution license from the Central Bank of Ireland and registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Spain. These moves are part of Kraken's strategy to expand its European operations.
Amazon Invests $4 Billion in AI Startup Anthropic for Advanced Foundation Models
Amazon and AI startup Anthropic have entered into a $4 billion investment agreement to develop advanced foundation models. The collaboration will provide Anthropic with AWS resources and allow Amazon to build on Anthropic's AI models. Both companies are committed to AI safety and responsible scaling.
BNB Chain and MetaMask Resolve Glitch Affecting opBNB Gas Fees
BNB Chain and MetaMask have successfully addressed a glitch that led to the display of inflated gas fees for opBNB transactions. The issue was rooted in MetaMask's default algorithm, which set a minimum recommended gas price based on averages across various Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. This has been corrected, and users can now benefit from opBNB's lower gas fees for faster and more cost-effective transactions.
Mixin Network Suffers $200 Million Hack
Mixin Network's cloud service provider database was hacked on September 23, 2023, leading to a loss of approximately $200 million. Blockchain security firm SlowMist is aiding in the investigation. Deposit and withdrawal services have been temporarily halted on Mixin Network.
Alipay Facilitates First Digital Cauldron Lighting in Asian Games History
Alipay, the digital payment giant and Official Prestige Partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, has made history by supporting over 100 million digital torchbearers in the first-ever digital cauldron lighting ceremony. The initiative was part of the Smart Hangzhou 2022 platform, a one-stop digital service for the Games. Alipay's technology ensured that even phones produced 8 years ago could participate in the digital interaction.
Bankless: Solana's Resilience and Prospects Amid Market Challenges
Solana has navigated through a challenging bear market and technical issues to emerge stronger in 2023. With improved network performance, diversification into new sectors like NFTs and AI, and upcoming developments like Neon EVM and Solang, Solana's future appears promising despite past setbacks.
What is ChatPDF?
ChatPDF is a platform using ChatGPT technology to process PDFs, catering to students, researchers, and professionals. It offers summary and Q&A, multi-language support, cited sources, and high security. It caters to students, researchers, and professionals, offering exam preparation, homework assistance, and understanding complex study materials. Pricing plans include a free plan and a premium plan. ChatPDF is intended for users aged 13 and above, and its terms of service and privacy policy outline its commitment to user privacy.
Rollbit Shuts Down Degen EXchange and Amid Regulatory Concerns
Rollbit has announced the discontinuation of its Degen EXchange and sister site due to regulatory challenges and low user adoption. However, the company's core product,, and its $RLB token functionality remain unaffected. The firm also hinted at exciting future releases.
Fantom's Evolution: From Technical Innovations to Ecosystem Expansion
Fantom continues to innovate despite facing challenges in its DeFi ecosystem. With planned technical upgrades and a focus on growing its developer community, the network aims for a robust and diversified blockchain ecosystem.
FTX Customer Claims Portal Update: How It Affects Derivative Positions and USD Balances
The recent updates to the FTX Customer Claims Portal aim to provide more clarity on derivative positions for customers. While these changes may affect the displayed USD balance, they do not impact the overall value of the claims. The valuation of derivative positions is based on FTX exchange pricing as of specific dates and times, with the final USD valuation to be determined later.

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