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Exclusive: What are the 7 Keys to Assess IEO Projects?
IEO is undoubtedly the future direction for crypto exchanges in 2019, with 42 ended IEOs raising $266 mn to date. When all crypto exchanges launch their own IEO listing platform, the screening criteria becomes the key consideration in deciding the IEO venue for project teams.

Exclusive: Why IEO is More Sustainable for Crypto Exchanges?
The key element to an IEO is to partner with an exchange, or multiple exchanges, to function as the distributor of tokens.

IEOs are Overhyped? Research Shows That Most IEO Projects are not Profitable
Replacing ICO’s is the IEO business model, although a report by Blockshow Capital suggests that it may not be the most profitable investment. In retrospect, Binance has proven to be the best platform to yield profitable returns.

Key Pointers to Launch a Successful IEO
The latest trend that is creating waves in the cryptocurrency market is the Initial Exchange Offering. It has brought fundraising companies and investors an appreciable amount of reassurance and relief.

Exclusive: 3 Regulatory Challenges to Detect Crypto Insider Trading
Apart from the interesting answer in crypto valuation, Clemen also shared with us the key challenges for regulators in detecting insider trading for cryptocurrencies. He also revealed that 2019 is the year of IEO!

What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia?
What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia? The Block Live Asia in Singapore was a great success! Held in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 18 – 19 April, the event gathered over hundreds of crypto professionals on the latest blockchain development and the emergence of initial exchange offerings (IEO).

Blockchain Market Report: 2019 H1 Review
Report: 2019 H1 Review

中国央行上海总部:加大监管防控力度 打击虚拟货币交易

Kick Off Your Easter with Block Live Asia in Singapore!
Kick Off Your Easter with Block Live Asia in Singapore!

LATOKEN Schedules BEF USA to Link VC Funds with Top Crypto Startups
Three cities in the USA: Los Angeles (1-3 May), San Francisco (6-8 May) and New York (9-10 May) are chosen to host the next Blockchain Economic Forum by LATOKEN. It is already the 5th BEF, previously it has been held in Davos (2019), San Francisco (2018), Singapore (2018) and New York (2017).

Exclusive: Is CoinMarketCap Really Fighting Against Data Manipulation?
In the world of cryptocurrency, how do we protect data integrity when the data can be easily manipulated by crypto exchanges? As the leader in providing cryptocurrency data services, Mauvis Ledford (the CTO of CoinMarketCap) shared with us on how CoinMarketCap dealt with complex situations in cases of Trans-fee mining exchanges, decentralized exchanges and situations when coin faced widespread delisting.

The digital assets market is continuing to grow at a significant pace, with the total market cap last week rising by almost 20% - here's the latest news.

What are the 3 Key Trends and Predictions for Blockchain in H2 2019?
We gathered blockchain professionals, lawyers and tech experts in Bitwork to review and predict the future of blockchain in 2019. We have been delighted to have invited our guest speakers for this event including Chi Man Ngan from AIA, Margaret Yang from Singularity Financial, Leonhard Weese from the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, and Kristi Swartz from Swartz, Binnersley & Associates.

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 17,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!

(Press Release) 3000 Attendees Gathered at Blockchain Life Forum in Singapore
On April 23-24 more than 3000 attendees from 70 countries gathered in the world’s blockchain capital — Singapore. Top crypto companies (Binance, Huobi, Listing. Help, crypto messenger ELVN and others), world famous experts (Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Alex Reinhardt and others), mining giants (Bitmain,, representatives of key cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, Neo and others) gave talks about the present and future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the 3rd Global forum in Asia.