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TRON (TRX) Price, Analysis, Predictions, and Calculator

183.596679 KRW

Price Indexes

24h Change: -3.746871 (-2%)

24h Low: 181.931403 KRW

24h High: 187.482323 KRW

24h Volume (Crypto): 230831507.1 TRON

24h Volume (KRW): 42600990622.41213172 KRW

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How to Convert tron to KRW?

Most likely, we could convert it by the medium of USD backed cryptocurrency for the transaction of tron to KRW. For example, USDT, USDC, etc.

What is the rate of tron to KRW?

The Current Price is $183.596679.

Latest tron Price Analysis, Prediction, News and Insights

Time Details
2024-07-19 10:54
TRON Experiences Significant Growth on Symbiosis in Q2

According to @symbiosis_fi, TRON experienced significant growth on the Symbiosis platform during Q2. The number of users swapping and bridging assets to TRON has increased notably. Traders are encouraged to join this trend and take advantage of seamless cross-chain swaps available on Symbiosis.

2024-07-13 06:34
Justin Sun Hints at Significant Announcement

According to Justin Sun, a cryptic tweet featuring a 'cool face' emoji and a link suggests that a significant announcement or development may be forthcoming. Traders should stay alert for updates that could impact TRON (TRX) and related markets.

2024-07-13 06:32
Justin Sun Anticipates TRX Trust Trading on Public Market

According to Justin Sun, the TRX Trust is expected to be traded on the public market soon, marking a significant milestone for the TRON ecosystem. This development could enhance the visibility and credibility of TRX, potentially attracting more investors.

2024-07-13 06:21
Justin Sun Highlights Strong Q2 for Tron and Promises Major Breakthroughs in Q3 and Q4

According to Justin Sun, the Tron ecosystem had a strong performance in Q2, with both its public chain and exchange businesses showing steady improvement. This progress is setting the stage for significant breakthroughs expected in Q3 and Q4. The focus for the upcoming quarters will remain on leveraging core business advantages.

2024-07-13 06:21
Positive Q2 Performance for TRON Ecosystem

According to Justin Sun, Q2 was very positive for the TRON ecosystem, with both the public chain and exchange businesses showing steady growth. This performance is setting the stage for a significant breakout in Q3 and Q4. The focus for the upcoming quarters will be on enhancing core business strengths, improving user experience, expanding market share, and recruiting talent to strengthen the overall team.

2024-07-12 07:13
Huobi HTX Completes Compensation for pGALA Attack Victims

According to HuobiGlobal, Huobi HTX has completed compensation for users affected by the pGALA token issuance attack, covering tens of millions of dollars in damages. The compensation includes payouts, internal rights, and Gala node compensations. Additionally, Huobi HTX has destroyed the ROCK tokens (formerly pGALA) on the TRON network and re-minted them on the GALA chain.

2024-07-12 03:36 Launches Wallet Risk Assessment Tool in Beta

According to BlockBeatsAsia,, a Web3 security tool under SlowMist, has announced the launch of its wallet risk assessment tool in beta. This tool allows users to: 1. Check risk scores: Evaluate the risk scores and fund status of USDT on TRON, ETH, and BSC chains. 2. Make informed decisions: Use the risk scores to decide whether to interact with specific wallet addresses.

2024-07-07 18:34
Justin Sun Acknowledges Fictional Novel Based on His Life

According to Justin Sun, a Weibo user named @西城大妈 has written a serialized novel based on his life. Sun mentioned that although the story has been dramatized, he enjoys reading it and is willing to pay the author for their work. This tweet showcases Sun's engagement with his followers and could positively influence his public image, potentially impacting the perception of his projects like TRON.

2024-07-06 14:37
On-Chain Fees Insights: Lido, Jito, Aave, Ethena, and TRON

According to @hosseeb, recent data on on-chain fees reveals surprising insights. Lido generates double the fees of Solana (SOL), while Jito's fees are almost on par with SOL. Aave's fees are half those of Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethena produces 2.5 times the fees of Base. Notably, TRON leads in on-chain fees.

2024-07-06 13:41
Justin Sun Predicts Tron Will Surpass One Billion Addresses

According to Justin Sun, Tron is expected to become the first blockchain to surpass one billion addresses, indicating significant growth and adoption potential for the Tron network.

2024-07-05 16:38
TRON DAO Emphasizes Community Engagement

According to @trondao, the focus should be on people. This suggests that TRON DAO is prioritizing community engagement and user-centric initiatives, which could lead to increased adoption and positive sentiment around TRX.

2024-07-05 04:33
Justin Sun Highlights Leadership Role

According to @justinsuntron, the tweet emphasizes his leadership position within the cryptocurrency space. Justin Sun, known for his role with TRON and his involvement with various blockchain projects, continues to position himself as a key influencer and leader in the industry.

2024-07-01 14:13
TRON's Positive Market Performance Excites Community

According to TronixTrx, the TRON cryptocurrency is experiencing a positive market performance, which is generating excitement within the community. The tweet highlights the upward trend with enthusiasm, suggesting potential trading opportunities as the asset gains momentum.

2024-06-30 08:52
Daily Tron (TRX) Staking Rewards and Supply Burn

According to @elephant_crypto, the user is content with collecting daily energy lending dividends and staking rewards from Tron (TRX). They are also optimistic about the ongoing supply burn, which is expected to generate significant revenue for the chain.

2024-06-30 05:41
Justin Sun Sets $1 Billion Revenue Goal for TRON Protocol in 2024

According to Justin Sun, he has set a personal goal to achieve $1 billion in revenue for the TRON protocol in 2024. This ambitious target highlights the potential growth and revenue-generating capabilities of the TRON network, making it a significant point of interest for cryptocurrency traders.

2024-06-30 04:11
Justin Sun Admits Holding TRON (TRX)

According to @SovereignIntern, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, has admitted to holding TRX tokens. This revelation might influence TRX trading as it indicates confidence from its creator.

2024-06-30 04:11
Justin Sun Holds TRON (TRX) Tokens

According to @SovereignIntern, it has been revealed that Justin Sun holds TRON (TRX) tokens. The tweet humorously mentions the fear of being laughed at for holding these tokens.

2024-06-29 16:09
Justin Sun Suggests Steady Progress

According to Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, progress in the cryptocurrency market is happening slowly but surely. This statement may indicate a steady and gradual improvement in the performance of TRON and other related crypto assets, suggesting a long-term bullish outlook.

2024-06-28 17:25
TRON DAO Acknowledges Attention from eSatoshiClub

According to @trondao, the TRON DAO has noted that eSatoshiClub has been closely monitoring their activities. This acknowledgment highlights the growing interest and engagement from the crypto community towards TRON DAO's initiatives.

2024-06-28 07:05
Justin Sun's Tweet Reaches 6 Million Views

According to @justinsuntron, his recent tweet has garnered 6 million views. This level of engagement indicates significant interest from the crypto community, potentially impacting the visibility and perception of projects associated with Justin Sun.

2024-06-27 13:42
DuneCon 2024 to Feature Key Industry Speakers

According to DuneAnalytics, DuneCon 2024 will feature a remarkable lineup of speakers, including Justin Sun from TronDAO, Jess Houlgrave from WalletConnect, Stani Kulechov from Aave, and Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon. This event is expected to gather some of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency industry.

2024-06-27 03:43
Court Rules in Favor of Justin Sun, Clearing Reputation

According to @CryptoWinds1, the court has ruled that The Verge's article lacked concrete evidence and that the media report was devoid of any factual basis. This ruling has significantly cleared Justin Sun's reputation. The news could positively impact the perception and trading of TRON (TRX).

2024-06-26 20:05
Positive Week for TRX Holders Despite Market Conditions

According to @elephant_crypto, the week hasn't been unfavorable for those holding enough Tron (TRX). The sentiment suggests resilience or positive performance for TRX amidst broader market conditions.

2024-06-26 16:07
TRON Active Addresses Surge to 2.5 Million Daily Average

According to @intotheblock, the number of active TRON (TRX) addresses has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year, now approaching a daily average of 2.5 million. This growth significantly surpasses other leading Layer 1 networks, indicating a strong user engagement and potential for further network utilization.

2024-06-22 07:32
USDT on Tron Network Surpasses Visa's Daily Volume

According to Paolo Ardoino, the daily transaction volume of USDT on the Tron Network has surpassed that of Visa. This milestone highlights the growing adoption and usage of USDT on the Tron blockchain, which could influence traders to consider the Tron Network for its high transaction throughput and efficiency.

2024-06-21 14:27
Potential Undervaluation of Tron and Its Risks

According to @SovereignIntern, there is a perspective that Tron might be undervalued. The daily transaction volume of stablecoins on the Tron network has surpassed that of Visa. TRX, the native cryptocurrency of Tron, has a strong deflationary mechanism, with an annual deflation rate of about 2%. However, a significant risk is if Tether stops issuing on the Tron network, which could lead to severe consequences.

2024-06-21 04:21
USDT Trading Volume on Tron Network Surpasses Visa's Average Daily Volume

According to Lookonchain, the 24-hour trading volume of USDT on the Tron Network has reached $53 billion, surpassing Visa's average daily trading volume of $42 billion. Visa's total trading volume in Q1 2024 was $3.78 trillion.