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REN (REN) Price, Analysis, Predictions, and Calculator

0.067413 CAD

Price Indexes

24h Change: -0.001311 (-1.908%)

24h Low: 0.0670404 CAD

24h High: 0.069552 CAD

24h Volume (Crypto): 10096745 REN

24h Volume (CAD): 688830.7551318 CAD

ren Calculator

How to Convert ren to CAD?

Most likely, we could convert it by the medium of USD backed cryptocurrency for the transaction of ren to CAD. For example, USDT, USDC, etc.

What is the rate of ren to CAD?

The Current Price is $0.067413.

Latest ren Price Analysis, Prediction, News and Insights

Time Details
2024-07-20 10:30
Allegations of Money Laundering Involving 934 BTC

According to ZachXBT, a user named TrendingETHSOL is accused of laundering money for criminals. The deposit address 3FCPio received 934 BTC (approximately $40 million USD) through 129 deposits from January 8 to January 31, 2024, with an average deposit size of 7.2 BTC. This accusation highlights significant illicit activity in the cryptocurrency space.

2024-07-19 21:05
Recent Crypto Market Trends

According to, the past weeks have shown notable trends in the cryptocurrency market. Traders should pay attention to these developments for potential opportunities and risks.

2024-07-19 18:30
Crypto Market Shows Unlimited Opportunities Despite Online Sentiment

According to @CryptoMichNL, the cryptocurrency market is currently full of opportunities, despite a noticeable discrepancy between real-world interest and online frustration. The market is flourishing, with many promising projects and dedicated teams actively working on them, indicating a strong and growing ecosystem.

2024-07-19 14:15
ZachXBT Responds to Engagement on His Posts

According to ZachXBT, he acknowledges the frequent tagging and engagement on his posts by MaxMasher. This interaction suggests a notable level of influence and attention ZachXBT commands in the cryptocurrency community.

2024-07-17 16:30
Alex Gladstein Applauds Positive Development in Crypto

According to Alex Gladstein, a notable figure in the cryptocurrency space, there is a positive development that is being celebrated within the community. The tweet, retweeted by BitMEX Research, highlights an event or milestone that has garnered approval and excitement.

2024-07-17 14:00
CCData Releases Comprehensive Exchange Review

According to CCData_io, traders can gain further insights by downloading their full Exchange Review report. This report provides in-depth analysis and data on various cryptocurrency exchanges, which can be crucial for making informed trading decisions.

2024-07-17 12:55
Farside Investors Acknowledges Insightful Commentary

According to Farside Investors, they have endorsed a significant commentary by another source, suggesting that the linked content provides valuable insights relevant to the cryptocurrency market. Traders should consider reviewing the linked material for potential market strategies and trends.

2024-07-17 10:50
Insider Profits from Scam Token Highlighted by ZachXBT

According to ZachXBT, there are ongoing concerns about insiders profiting from scam tokens while misleading the public by pretending to build beneficial tools for humanity. This highlights the risks and unethical practices within certain cryptocurrency projects, urging traders to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence.

2024-07-17 10:01
BitMEX Research Highlights Article on The Defiant

According to BitMEX Research, they have highlighted an article from The Defiant. The article may provide insights or analysis relevant to the cryptocurrency market. Traders should consider reviewing the article for potential impacts on their trading strategies.

2024-07-17 09:12
BitMEX Research Highlights Article on The Block

According to BitMEX Research, a new article on The Block discusses recent developments in the cryptocurrency market. The article provides insights into market trends, regulatory updates, and potential impacts on trading strategies. Traders are encouraged to read the full article for a comprehensive understanding of current market dynamics.

2024-07-16 17:38
Bitcoin Industry Sees Reduction in Scammers, Says Ki Young Ju

According to Ki Young Ju, the Bitcoin industry has seen a significant reduction in scammers compared to five years ago, leading to a more purified environment. However, he notes that the broader cryptocurrency industry still contains many scammers. Over time, the distinction between scammers and genuine participants will become clearer.

2024-07-14 06:23
Elon Musk Shares Cryptic Tweet, Sparks Speculation

According to Elon Musk, a recent retweet featuring a cryptic image has stirred discussions and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. Traders are closely analyzing the potential implications of Musk's tweet on the market, given his history of influencing crypto prices.

2024-07-14 01:02
Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary

According to @EmberCN, Binance is celebrating its 7th anniversary. The tweet highlights the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and marks seven years as both a journey and an achievement for Binance. The tweet also expresses anticipation for Binance's future growth and success.

2024-07-13 23:53
Political Instability and Market Reactions

According to @CryptoMichNL, there has been an assassination attempt on a former President of the United States, which he interprets as a sign of extreme political instability. This situation could potentially lead to significant market volatility, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, as investors react to the heightened uncertainty.

2024-07-12 17:36
BitMEX Research Criticizes Political Attention in Crypto Industry

According to BitMEX Research, the recent political attention towards the cryptocurrency industry is misguided and has inflated the egos of many within the sector. The tweet suggests that industry participants are not celebrities but ordinary individuals, and the misplaced admiration should be reconsidered.

2024-07-12 17:00
BitMEX Research Shares New Report Link

According to BitMEX Research, a new report has been shared via a link. The content of the report could provide valuable insights for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Traders are encouraged to review the report for detailed analysis and potential market impact.

2024-07-12 16:15
Tech Infrastructure Insights by Paolo Ardoino

According to Paolo Ardoino, the tweet provides a visual representation of the complexity involved in building technological infrastructure. This insight can help crypto traders understand the underlying technology that supports cryptocurrency transactions and platforms.

2024-07-12 12:03
ZachXBT Blocked by TrendingETHSOL

According to ZachXBT, the Twitter account TrendingETHSOL has blocked him. This development could indicate potential issues or controversies surrounding TrendingETHSOL, which might be relevant for traders monitoring Ethereum and Solana markets.

2024-07-12 10:21
Justin Sun Hints at Major Announcement with Cryptic Tweet

According to Justin Sun, a recent tweet featuring only eye emojis and a link suggests a significant announcement or development related to the cryptocurrency market. Traders should stay alert for potential updates that could impact the market, particularly involving projects or ventures associated with Justin Sun.

2024-07-12 07:32
Richard Teng Focuses on Development

According to Richard Teng, he is currently focused on building and developing within the cryptocurrency space. This suggests ongoing projects or potential future developments that could impact the market.

2024-07-06 17:37
Paolo Ardoino Expresses Frustration

According to Paolo Ardoino, the tweet expresses a sense of frustration or exasperation, potentially hinting at underlying issues or challenges faced by the cryptocurrency market or his associated projects.

2024-07-06 17:33
Paolo Ardoino Hints at Swiss Development

According to Paolo Ardoino, a new development or project related to Switzerland is hinted at, indicated by the tweet '🇨🇭 1'. Traders should keep an eye on potential announcements or projects involving Swiss regulations, partnerships, or innovations in the cryptocurrency space.

2024-07-06 09:47
Impact of Halving on June 2024 Production Figures for Crypto Miners

According to Farside Investors, all the main listed cryptocurrency miners have published their June 2024 production figures, except for HIVE Blockchain Technologies ($HIVE). The data reveals the significant impact of the Bitcoin halving event on mining output.

2024-07-05 16:12
Bitcoin Traders Facing Significant Losses

According to @jjcmoreno, Bitcoin traders are currently facing significant losses if they sell, with their margins at -17%. This is the most negative margin since November 2022, shortly after the FTX collapse.

2024-07-05 15:15
Michaël van de Poppe Discusses Career and Crypto Insights in Podcast

According to Michaël van de Poppe, he had an insightful conversation with Benjamin Wortman, where they discussed his career, cryptocurrency markets, gold, and other financial topics. The podcast is available for viewing and provides valuable perspectives for traders.

2024-07-01 11:38
RootDataLabs Releases Monthly Hot Projects for June

According to RootDataLabs, the monthly project search ranking list for June has been released, highlighting the most searched cryptocurrency projects based on user activity on their website. Traders can explore these trending crypto gems to identify potential investment opportunities.

2024-06-30 08:23
Whale Activity: Significant ezETH Redemptions and Binance Deposits

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a whale with the address 0x96E...FE485 is redeeming ezETH in batches and depositing them into an exchange. Over the past 17 hours, the whale has redeemed 1,986 ezETH (worth $6.68 million) from Renzo and deposited them into Binance six hours ago. Currently, the whale still has 3,477 ETH (worth $11.79 million) staked in Renzo awaiting redemption.

2024-06-30 08:23
Large Whale Moves ezETH to Binance

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a large whale with the address 0x96E...FE485 has been redeeming ezETH in batches and depositing them into Binance. Over the past 17 hours, the whale has redeemed 1986 ezETH (worth $6.68 million) from Renzo and deposited them into Binance six hours ago. There are still 3477 ETH (worth $11.79 million) staked in Renzo awaiting redemption.

2024-06-29 09:34
Whale Invests $41.62 Million in ETH Staking Protocols

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a whale with the address 0xe83...f7697 has invested a total of $41.62 million worth of ETH into various liquid staking and re-staking protocols. This entity is currently the top individual staker on Symbiolic. The investments are distributed as follows: Renzo: 5317 ezETH, Symbiolic: 5140 stETH, Swell: 1222 rswETH, Karak: 145 ezETH + 381.2076 PT-ezETH, Eth2: 64 ETH, and Pendle: 228.7909 units.

2024-06-29 09:34
Whale Investor 0xe83...f7697 Dominates Symbiolic Staking

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a whale investor identified as 0xe83...f7697 has invested a total of $41.62 million worth of ETH across various liquid staking and re-staking protocols. This whale is currently the top individual staker on Symbiolic. The investment breakdown includes: 5317 ezETH in Renzo, 5140 stETH in Symbiolic, 1222 rswETH in Swell, 145 ezETH + 381.2076 PT-ezETH in Karak, and 64 ETH in Eth2.

2024-06-29 00:55
Richard Teng Highlights Long Road to 1 Billion Crypto Users

According to Richard Teng, there is still significant work required to reach 1 billion cryptocurrency users. He emphasizes the importance of continuous development in the industry.

2024-06-29 00:55
Richard Teng Emphasizes Continued Efforts for Crypto Adoption

According to Richard Teng, there is still significant work to be done before reaching 1 billion cryptocurrency users. He encourages the community to keep building and progressing towards this goal.

2024-06-28 07:05
PeckShieldAlert Reports $1M Crypto Transfer by Exploiter

According to PeckShieldAlert, addresses labeled as exploiters have moved $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies to a new address, 0xB48b...9681. This significant transfer raises concerns about potential illicit activities and may impact market sentiment.

2024-06-28 03:20
Ki Young Ju Comments on U.S. Status in Global Rankings

According to Ki Young Ju, the United States is no longer considered the greatest country. This statement could have implications for the perception of U.S. regulatory stability and economic strength, which in turn might affect the cryptocurrency market, particularly in terms of investor confidence and market dynamics.

2024-06-27 11:57
Upcoming Voltards Live Discussion on Sunday

According to @thinkingvols, there will be a live discussion by Voltards on Sunday. This could be an opportunity for traders to gain insights into market trends and strategies as shared by the Voltards community.

2024-06-26 09:28
BTFS Enhances Blockchain Productivity and Data Security

According to BitTorrent, DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) integrate blockchain technology with physical infrastructure. The BTFS (BitTorrent File System) utilizes advanced encryption methods to enhance data security and optimize blockchain productivity.

2024-06-26 07:40
Richard Teng Seeks Insights on Emerging Crypto Trends Beyond Payments

According to Richard Teng, he is curious about interesting cryptocurrency trends and statistics beyond the realm of payments. He invites the community to share their observations and insights on emerging trends in the crypto market.

2024-06-25 19:56
Positive Sentiment Towards Crypto Market Rise

According to @TheCryptoLark, there is a positive sentiment towards the rise of the crypto markets. This optimistic outlook suggests potential bullish trends, which could influence trading strategies and decisions.

2024-06-24 15:25
Future Crypto Trends Discussion by IntoTheBlock and BeInCrypto

According to IntoTheBlock, they will be hosting a live discussion with BeInCrypto tomorrow to examine future trends in the cryptocurrency market. The discussion will also cover the current market sentiment, providing valuable insights for traders.

2024-06-22 06:00
Crypto Market Underperformance and Potential Catalysts Identified

According to IntoTheBlock, the latest newsletter highlights the underperformance of cryptocurrencies compared to stocks. The newsletter provides an in-depth analysis of current market trends and identifies potential catalysts that could drive a resurgence in the crypto market in the near future.

2024-06-21 09:29
Standard Chartered Enters the Cryptocurrency Market

According to @_RichardTeng, Standard Chartered has entered the cryptocurrency market. This move signifies a growing acceptance of digital assets by traditional financial institutions, potentially leading to increased liquidity and institutional participation in the crypto space.

2024-06-21 07:22
Industry Support Highlighted by Paolo Ardoino

According to Paolo Ardoino, the cryptocurrency industry is receiving significant support, as indicated by his tweet featuring a rocket emoji. This suggests a positive sentiment and potential growth within the sector, which could be a bullish signal for traders.