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ETHEREUM (ETH) Price, Analysis, Predictions, and Calculator

19495.596 BRL

Price Indexes

24h Change: -21.4785 (-0.11%)

24h Low: 19295.13 BRL

24h High: 19645.0575 BRL

24h Volume (Crypto): 131920.2905 ETHEREUM

24h Volume (BRL): 2567787783.4443141 BRL

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Most likely, we could convert it by the medium of USD backed cryptocurrency for the transaction of ethereum to BRL. For example, USDT, USDC, etc.

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The Current Price is $19495.596.

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Time Details
2024-07-20 16:00
Bitcoin Dominance Hinges on Ethereum ETF Success

According to @CryptoMichNL, the future direction of Bitcoin dominance depends on the success of the Ethereum ETF. If Bitcoin's dominance declines, it will confirm a bearish divergence, leading to a surge in altcoins.

2024-07-19 21:34
Ethereum ETFs Set to Launch on July 23rd, Signaling Bull Market

According to CryptoMichNL, at least five Ethereum ETFs will go live for trading on July 23rd. This event is anticipated to mark the beginning of a bull market for Ethereum.

2024-07-19 05:22
Whale Concentration in Ethereum Tokens: AXS and RPL Lead, APE Lags

According to @intotheblock, Ethereum tokens $AXS and $RPL have the highest concentration of whale investors, while $APE has the lowest. These variations in whale concentration may impact market behavior, particularly liquidity and price volatility.

2024-07-19 02:18
WazirX Exploiter Amasses 59,097 ETH Worth $201 Million

According to @spotonchain, the total Ethereum (ETH) holdings of the WazirX exploiter have surged to 59,097 ETH, valued at approximately $201 million. Out of this, 15,298 ETH ($52 million) was directly stolen from the WazirX exchange. The remaining 43,799 ETH ($149 million) was acquired by liquidating various assets, including 5.43 trillion SHIB ($90.2 million) and 20.5 million MATIC ($10.2 million).

2024-07-18 01:34
Ethereum Foundation Wallet Deposits 1,602 ETH to Kraken Amid Price Dip

According to @spotonchain, a wallet linked to the Ethereum Foundation/ICO deposited 1,602 ETH (worth $5.48 million) to Kraken as the price of Ethereum dipped. Since June 8, this wallet has transferred a total of 19,488 ETH ($70.6 million) to the centralized exchange at an average price of $3,623 per ETH, with heightened activity in the past two days.

2024-07-17 22:04
Upcoming Ethereum ETFs Launch Details

According to James Seyffart, details for the Ethereum ETFs expected to launch next week have been shared. Seven out of the ten funds have fee waivers, with only the details for Proshares's ETF still pending.

2024-07-17 15:59
Ethereum's Bullish Potential Ahead of ETF Launch

According to IntoTheBlock, Ethereum may exhibit bullish behavior as it approaches the launch of its ETF. The analysis shared with BeInCrypto explores the potential market movements and investor sentiment surrounding Ethereum in anticipation of this significant event.

2024-07-17 08:45
Significant Concentration of FEAR NOT Tokens Among 86 Addresses

According to @ai_9684xtpa, 86 addresses control at least 10.36% of the FEAR NOT tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. Traders should be cautious of these potential whale and insider addresses, including the top two holders who collectively own over 43.6 billion tokens. One notable source address, 0x95905ac0ec8b29222763C54f8de8099FFa6Ae54b, spent 1.0196 ETH to purchase a significant amount of tokens shortly after the token's launch.

2024-07-17 07:16
Ethereum Whales Accumulate $ETH Ahead of ETF Launch

According to @intotheblock, large Ethereum holders, often referred to as 'whales', are significantly increasing their $ETH holdings in anticipation of the upcoming Ethereum ETF launch. This accumulation trend suggests that these investors are expecting a positive impact on Ethereum's price due to the ETF introduction. Traders might consider monitoring $ETH closely as this development unfolds.

2024-07-17 02:33
Significant Ethereum Deposits to Kraken from Foundation/ICO Wallets

According to @spotonchain, two Ethereum Foundation/ICO-related wallets transferred a total of 3,631 ETH (worth $12.5 million) to Kraken over the past two days as the market experienced a rebound. Specifically, Wallet 0xdb3 moved 2,631 ETH ($9.01 million), which it had received from the Ethereum Foundation and an ICO participant identified as 0xAb0.

2024-07-17 01:58
Zero Transfer Scam Results in $35K USDT Loss on Ethereum

According to PeckShieldAlert, an address (0x189a...1dBF) has fallen victim to a zero transfer scam, resulting in a loss of 35K USDT on the Ethereum network.

2024-07-16 16:29
Potential 'Sell the News' Event for ETH ETF

According to @GreeksLive, there is speculation about whether the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) ETF launch will trigger a 'sell the news' event. Traders are considering the possibility that the ETF's release, which has been highly anticipated, might lead to a sell-off as investors capitalize on the news.

2024-07-14 03:23
Justin Sun Nears 700,000 ETH Holdings

According to @EmberCN, Justin Sun's Ethereum (ETH) holdings are approaching 700,000 ETH. Since December 26, 2023, during the current bull market, Sun has acquired approximately 421,800 ETH across five addresses at an average price of $3,006, totaling $1.267 billion. Including his previous holdings, Sun's total ETH holdings now amount to 698,700 ETH, valued at $2.215 billion.

2024-07-13 20:50
ETHFI to Move 200k Tokens to Binance for Season 2 Claims

According to Foundation, with the season 2 claim of ETHFI on Arbitrum approaching, 200k ETHFI tokens will be moved from Arbitrum to Binance. This move is aimed at supporting direct deposits and withdrawals. After the deposits are made, the funds will be returned back to the Ethereum Mainnet.

2024-07-13 18:30
Ethereum Outperforming Bitcoin, ETF Launch May Drive Further Gains

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's dominance in the market has likely reached its peak. Ethereum has been outperforming Bitcoin for the past two months. The anticipated launch of an Ethereum ETF is expected to further boost Ethereum's performance. This scenario could validate the potential bearish divergence on Bitcoin's weekly timeframe.

2024-07-13 17:19
Vitalik Buterin Jokes About Getting Cancelled in 2024

According to VitalikButerin, the Ethereum co-founder humorously speculates about potentially getting 'cancelled' in early 2024 for discussing controversial topics like genetic engineering, geopolitics, or supporting illegal immigrants. By July 2024, he jokes about being cancelled for merely trying to avoid airborne diseases. Traders should note the potential volatility in Ethereum's market sentiment due to Buterin's high-profile social media presence and his engagement in controversial discussions.

2024-07-12 18:02
Ethereum's Fundamental Growth Undervalued, Says CryptoMichNL

According to CryptoMichNL, Ethereum is currently the most undervalued ecosystem in the Web 3.0 space. Despite significant developments within the Ethereum ecosystem, social media does not reflect this growth. He notes that the disparity between fundamental growth and negative price sentiment for Ethereum has never been this large.

2024-07-12 12:03
ZachXBT Blocked by TrendingETHSOL

According to ZachXBT, the Twitter account TrendingETHSOL has blocked him. This development could indicate potential issues or controversies surrounding TrendingETHSOL, which might be relevant for traders monitoring Ethereum and Solana markets.

2024-07-12 11:45
Ethereum ETF Launch and Blackrock Fund Drive Increased Interest in ETH

According to @CryptoMichNL, the Ethereum ETF is set to launch next week. After attending ETH.CC, it is evident that the impact of Ethereum is significantly underestimated on social media. Additionally, Blackrock’s tokenization fund has reached $500 million on Ethereum, indicating soaring interest. The analyst expresses confidence in being long on $ETH.

2024-07-12 11:31
Discussion on Layer 2 Adoption for Dapps at Modular Summit

According to @makoto_inoue, a discussion took place at the Modular Summit involving key figures like Vitalik Buterin and Adietrichs from the Ethereum Foundation. The talk focused on how decentralized applications (dapps) such as Mask Network, Uniswap, Apecoin, and ENS Domains are planning to adopt Layer 2 solutions. The session was moderated by Tzhen from Flashbots.

2024-07-12 07:29
Whales and Institutions Accumulate Ethereum Ecosystem Tokens

According to @lookonchain, significant amounts of Ethereum ecosystem tokens are being accumulated by whales and institutions. The account aavebank.eth recently withdrew large quantities of several tokens from Binance, including 21,027 AAVE ($1.98M), 205,493 UNI ($1.62M), 446 ETH ($1.37M), 102,313 LINK ($1.28M), and 20,797 ENS ($534K). Additionally, another whale identified as '0x345f' withdrew 508,001 PENDLE ($1.89M). This activity suggests a potential bullish sentiment among large investors towards these tokens.

2024-07-11 15:59
Coinbase to Add Perpetual Futures for CRV, ENS, and PEOPLE

According to Coinbase International Exchange, the platform will add support for perpetual futures of Curve DAO (CRV), Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and Constitution DAO (PEOPLE) on both Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced. The trading for CRV-PERP, ENS-PERP, and PEOPLE-PERP will commence on or after 9:30am UTC on July 18, 2024.

2024-07-07 14:01
Upcoming Webinar on $EIGEN Token Mechanics and Ethereum Restaking

According to @intotheblock, there will be a webinar next week discussing the mechanics of the $EIGEN token and the potential role of restaking in Ethereum's future. This event could provide valuable insights for traders interested in understanding and leveraging these elements in their trading strategies.

2024-07-07 06:47
Major ETH Deposit to Binance by Smartestmoney.eth

According to @ai_9684xtpa, the wallet smartestmoney.eth deposited 6,440 ETH, valued at $19.54 million, to Binance half an hour ago. This action suggests that the user might be adding margin, indicating a strong bullish stance on ETH.

2024-07-06 17:51
Ethereum Ecosystem and Binance Listings Rally Over 10%

According to @CryptoMichNL, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing significant upward momentum with the Ethereum ecosystem and Binance listings showing gains of over 10%. These are positive initial indicators for traders.

2024-07-06 13:57
Significant ETH Accumulation from Binance and Coinbase

According to @ai_9684xtpa, two new addresses have accumulated 10,798 ETH, valued at approximately $32.54 million, from Binance and Coinbase over the past month. The average transfer price was $3258 per ETH. Notably, 4472 ETH (worth $13.41 million) were moved to on-chain wallets in the past hour. These addresses, possibly belonging to an institution, have staked 3,616 ETH on the Ethereum Beacon Chain.

2024-07-06 08:51
Positive Market Indicators: FTX Cash Payouts and Bitcoin ETF Inflows

According to CryptoMichNL, FTX is set to pay out $16 billion in cash this year, and Bitcoin ETF inflows have reached $140 million. This recent market crash is considered a short-term event-driven impact, and the situation is expected to improve with the upcoming Ethereum ETF.

2024-07-05 11:24
Ethereum and Altcoins Hit Lowest Daily RSI, Indicating Capitulation

According to CryptoMichNL, Ethereum has reached its lowest daily RSI since the market collapse in August 2023. Additionally, various altcoins have recorded their lowest daily RSI either ever or within the current market cycle, signaling clear capitulation.

2024-07-05 08:28
Smart Money Profits $33.49 Million from ETH Trading

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a savvy trader has profited $33.49 million by buying low and selling high on Ethereum (ETH). The trader accumulated 56,135 ETH at an average price of $2,365 between September 30, 2023, and July 5, 2024, spending a total of $132 million. This highlights the trader's significant market influence and strategic trading approach.

2024-07-05 08:11
Justin Sun Faces $66M Loss After Ethereum Price Drop

According to Spot On Chain, Justin Sun may have incurred a $66 million loss after Ethereum's price dropped by 10%. From February to June, Sun allegedly purchased 361,000 ETH at an estimated cost of $1.1 billion through three wallets. Notably, he bought 169,604 ETH in February at an average price of $2,870 and 176,117 ETH in April at an average price of $3,177.

2024-07-05 05:26
Significant Liquidation and Debt Repayment in Ethereum Market

According to @lookonchain, an individual was liquidated for 4,215 ETH, equivalent to $12.2 million. This person has now started repaying the debt, indicating an effort to recover from the substantial loss.

2024-07-05 00:26
Large ETH Whale Offloads 26,600 ETH, Causing $100 Drop in ETH Price

According to @EmberCN, a whale who had previously leveraged long positions on Ethereum (ETH) sold 26,600 ETH for $82.52 million USDT over the past two hours to reduce leverage. This sale caused ETH to drop by $100, from $3,160 to $3,060. The whale had leveraged 1/5 of their on-chain ETH holdings, borrowing $48 million to buy 21,192 ETH at $2,265 each, holding them for six months. The recent market downturn prompted the whale to offload their ETH.

2024-07-01 15:40
IntoTheBlock Hosts Webinar on $EIGEN and Restaking Ecosystem

According to IntoTheBlock, the firm is hosting a webinar next week to discuss the restaking ecosystem, the mechanics of the $EIGEN token, and the potential significance of restaking for Ethereum's future. Traders and investors interested in these topics are encouraged to sign up for the event.

2024-07-01 15:34
ETH Supply Held by Long-Term Holders Reaches All-Time High

According to The DeFi Investor, the supply of Ethereum (ETH) held by long-term holders has reached an all-time high (ATH). This supply has increased by nearly 100% since 2021, indicating strong confidence in ETH's future value among long-term investors.

2024-07-01 14:05
Key Metrics for Altcoin Bull Market by CryptoMichNL

According to CryptoMichNL, a new video has been released discussing what needs to happen for the Altcoin bull market. The video suggests that the Ethereum ETF might not be the driving factor. Instead, it breaks down key metrics to watch and reveals a crucial element that must occur for the market to take off.

2024-07-01 12:00
Altcoin Bottom Likely Strengthening

According to @CryptoMichNL, the likelihood of the altcoin market bottoming out is increasing daily. Some altcoins are already showing positive momentum. He is satisfied with his current allocations in altcoins and the Ethereum ecosystem and has no plans to sell.

2024-07-01 09:54
US Government Transfers Seized Ethereum Worth $11.7 Million

According to PeckShieldAlert, approximately 3,400 ETH, valued at around $11.7 million and previously seized by the US government, have been moved to a new address (0x5ac4...A1871).

2024-07-01 09:09
Whale Transfers 7,000 ETH to Kraken After 209 Days of Inactivity

According to @EmberCN, a whale who participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2015 with 254,900 ETH (ICO price $0.311), transferred 7,000 ETH ($24.28M) to Kraken 15 minutes ago after 209 days of inactivity. The whale still holds 40,000 ETH ($139.5M).

2024-06-30 19:54
Vitalik Buterin Discusses Enhancements for Faster Ethereum Transactions

According to Vitalik Buterin, new mechanisms involving epochs and slots are being explored to provide Ethereum users with faster transaction confirmation times. These enhancements aim to improve the efficiency and speed of transactions on the Ethereum network.

2024-06-30 16:23
CryptoMichNL's Altcoin Strategy Amid Market Downturn

According to CryptoMichNL, the altcoin markets have been challenging in recent weeks. Despite this, CryptoMichNL remains confident in his portfolio, stating that Ethereum (ETH) is mitigating many of the losses experienced with altcoins. He plans to maintain his strategy of staying fully invested in altcoins for the foreseeable future.

2024-06-30 13:38
Upcoming Discussion on Potentially Underpriced Ethereum Options

According to @satoshiheist, a discussion will take place on June 30th at 2:30 UTC (10:30am EST) about whether Ethereum ($ETH) options are currently underpriced. The session will feature insights from @thinkingvols and @GreeksLive.

2024-06-30 06:00
Base Leads Ethereum Layer 2 Solutions in Q2 Transaction Growth

According to @intotheblock, Base emerged as the top performer among Ethereum Layer 2 solutions in Q2, recording a substantial increase in transactions. This notable growth in transaction volume highlights Base's increasing adoption and potential as a major player in the Layer 2 ecosystem.

2024-06-30 06:00
Base Emerges as Top Ethereum Layer 2 Performer in Q2

According to IntoTheBlock, Base has emerged as the top performer among Ethereum Layer 2 solutions in Q2, recording a substantial increase in transactions. This performance highlights Base's growing adoption and potential impact on the Ethereum ecosystem.

2024-06-29 16:38
Bitcoin Dominance May Have Peaked, Ethereum ETF Could Trigger Altcoin Momentum

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's market dominance might have reached its peak. This scenario suggests that the introduction of an Ethereum ETF could act as a catalyst for a rotation into altcoins, allowing them to maintain their upward momentum. Additionally, there is a potential bearish divergence that traders should be aware of.

2024-06-29 16:38
Bitcoin Dominance May Have Peaked; Ethereum ETF and Altcoins Could Gain Momentum

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's dominance in the cryptocurrency market may have reached its peak. This situation could lead to a rotation towards Ethereum, especially with the upcoming Ethereum ETF, which might boost the momentum for altcoins. However, there is also a potential bearish divergence to be aware of.

2024-06-28 16:04
High Percentage of ETH Held by Long-term Investors

According to @intotheblock, 78% of Ethereum (ETH) is currently owned by long-term holders. This indicates a strong level of confidence and commitment among ETH investors, which could suggest lower volatility and potential for stable growth.

2024-06-28 16:04
High Percentage of ETH Held by Long-Term Investors

According to @intotheblock, 78% of ETH is owned by long-term hodlers. This indicates a strong holding sentiment among Ethereum investors, which could imply reduced selling pressure and potential price stability or growth in the long term.

2024-06-28 14:32
Potential Impact of Ethereum ETF on Altseason

According to @CryptoMichNL, there is a significant question in the markets about whether the introduction of an Ethereum ETF will revive the strength of altcoins or if altcoins are effectively dead. The general consensus appears to lean towards the latter, as the market trend has been downward.

2024-06-28 14:32
Ethereum ETF and the Potential for Altseason

According to Michaël van de Poppe, a key question in the cryptocurrency market is whether the Ethereum ETF will initiate a new altseason or if altcoins are in a prolonged decline. The general market sentiment appears to lean towards the latter, indicating a bearish outlook for altcoins despite the potential catalyst from the Ethereum ETF.

2024-06-28 09:24
Ethereum and Bitcoin Transaction Fees Nearly Identical in Q2

According to @intotheblock, in the past quarter, total transaction fees for Ethereum and Bitcoin were nearly identical. For Bitcoin, this represents an increase, largely due to the introduction of Runes. In contrast, Ethereum fees have significantly decreased as more transactions shifted to Layer 2 solutions.

2024-06-28 09:24
Ethereum and Bitcoin Transaction Fees Nearly Identical in Recent Quarter

According to @intotheblock, in the past quarter, the total transaction fees for Ethereum and Bitcoin were nearly identical. For Bitcoin, this marks an increase primarily due to the introduction of Runes. Conversely, Ethereum's fees have significantly decreased as more transactions have shifted to Layer 2 solutions.

2024-06-28 06:52
Polkadot Expected to Follow Ethereum's Upward Trend

According to @CryptoMichNL, Polkadot ($DOT) is anticipated to follow Ethereum's upward expansion. This suggests that the current valuations of Polkadot are extremely low. The analyst expects significant growth from the Polkadot ecosystem, especially with the introduction of new segments.

2024-06-28 06:52
Positive Outlook on Polkadot's Future Growth

According to CryptoMichNL, Polkadot ($DOT) is expected to follow Ethereum's upward trend, indicating that its current valuation is significantly undervalued. The analyst anticipates substantial growth from the Polkadot ecosystem due to the introduction of new segments.

2024-06-27 17:49
Potential Reversal in Ethereum Ecosystem Tokens Amid Altcoin Decline

According to @CryptoMichNL, the altcoin markets are experiencing significant declines. However, the upcoming Ethereum ETF could trigger a reversal in many Ethereum ecosystem tokens, such as OP, a strong layer 2 solution.

2024-06-27 15:50
ETH Poised for Potential Breakout and Altcoin Strength

According to @CryptoMichNL, Ethereum ($ETH) has been maintaining a crucial support level from a technical analysis perspective. He anticipates a continued upward trend. If Ethereum reaches 0.06 BTC, it is expected to trigger a significant breakout and strengthen altcoins for the rest of the year.

2024-06-27 09:35
Potential Bitcoin Reversal with Ethereum ETF Listing

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin could see a bullish divergence around the $60K area, suggesting a potential price reversal. This trend is expected to start next week, coinciding with the upcoming Ethereum ETF listing.

2024-06-26 19:52
Ethereum ETF Expected to Launch by July 4th

According to @CryptoMichNL, an Ethereum ETF is likely to start trading on or before July 4th. This development would mark the introduction of the second cryptocurrency ETF in 2024, potentially impacting Ethereum's market dynamics significantly.

2024-06-26 16:06
Options Open Interest for BTC and ETH as of June 26, 2024

According to @GreeksLive, the options open interest for Bitcoin and Ethereum as of June 26, 2024, shows a significant number of contracts. For Bitcoin (BTC), there are 176,000 call contracts and 83,000 put contracts. For Ethereum (ETH), there are 1.46 million call contracts and 694,000 put contracts. This data indicates a higher bullish sentiment for both cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, given the higher number of call options.

2024-06-26 15:39
Altcoin Market Downturn Likely Over with Ethereum ETF Launch

According to CryptoMichNL, the worst phase for the altcoin markets might be over. Despite a significant crash across various altcoins, the introduction of the Ethereum ETF is expected to stabilize the market.

2024-06-26 13:49
Litecoin Surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum in Active Addresses

According to @litecoin, Litecoin is currently the most active blockchain globally, outperforming both Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) in terms of authentic active addresses. The data, sourced from @intotheblock, indicates that Litecoin addresses have made one or more on-chain transactions more frequently than those of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

2024-06-25 20:17
Ethereum Holds Key Level, Altcoin Momentum Expected Above 0.06 BTC

According to @CryptoMichNL, Ethereum has successfully held the crucial support level at 0.051 BTC. The markets are gradually moving upward, indicating a slow but steady grind. Significant altcoin momentum is anticipated once Ethereum breaks above the 0.06 BTC level.

2024-06-25 08:50
Bitcoin Dominance Peaks, Ethereum Gains Attention Due to ETF

According to CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's dominance in the market has reached 58%. However, attention may shift towards Ethereum in the near future because of the upcoming Ethereum ETF.

2024-06-25 07:34
High Percentage of Ethereum Investors Still Profitable

According to @burak_kesmeci, 80.82% of Ethereum investors are still in profit. This suggests that traders should review their strategies to maximize potential gains.

2024-06-24 18:25
Recent Options Positioning for Bitcoin and Ethereum

According to, recent options positioning in the last 24 hours shows that Bitcoin call sells account for 19.33% ($356M) and call buys are at 17.62% ($324.6M). For Ethereum, call sells are at 27.95% ($176.9M) and call buys are at 20.65% ($130.7M).

2024-06-24 12:03
Key Developments in Crypto: Ethereum ETF, Standard Chartered's Trading Desk, X's Payments

According to @CCData_io, today's top stories in the crypto market include three major developments. First, Ethereum ETF issuers are finalizing fees and seed investments as they push for approval. Second, Standard Chartered is set to launch a spot trading desk for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Lastly, X's new payment platform will launch without cryptocurrency support.

2024-06-24 07:29
Potential Bitcoin Bounce to $64K and ETH Stability

According to @CryptoMichNL, the Bitcoin CME gap didn't close, indicating a potential bounce to $64K this week. Although a slight continuation of the current downtrend is expected, a reversal is anticipated soon. BTC pairs of altcoins, especially Ethereum (ETH), are not suffering significantly.

2024-06-23 06:45
Diverging Trends in Bitcoin and Ethereum Holdings

According to @intotheblock, long-term Bitcoin holders are starting to sell their holdings, while Ethereum holders are showing increased activity. This divergence may be driven by new yield opportunities within the Ethereum ecosystem and the anticipation of an Ethereum ETF.

2024-06-22 07:00
Bitcoin Dominance Nearing Resistance Amid Ethereum ETF Launch

According to CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin's dominance is approaching a resistance level and is likely peaking due to the imminent launch of the Ethereum ETF. Despite low expectations for the Ethereum ETF, this event could trigger a reversal in the altcoin markets.

2024-06-22 02:40
Justin Sun’s Ethereum Accumulation and Its Impact on ETH Price

According to @ai_9684xtpa, there is a detailed analysis addressing why Ethereum ($ETH) hasn’t surged despite significant purchases by Justin Sun. Allegedly, five addresses linked to Sun accumulated a total of 405,437 ETH between December 2023 and June 2024, amounting to $1.42 billion with an average cost of $3010 per ETH. The analysis explores the potential correlation between Sun’s purchases and ETH’s market price, including a compilation of the addresses involved.

2024-06-21 20:55
Ethereum ETF Amendments Filed, Listing Expected on July 2nd

According to @CryptoMichNL, all applicants have filed their amendments for the S-1 documents necessary for the listing of the Ethereum ETF. The listing is likely to occur on July 2nd, suggesting the onset of a bull market.

2024-06-21 18:00
Bitcoin Nears Crucial Support Amid 2020 Pattern Repetition

According to @CryptoMichNL, Bitcoin is currently in a crucial support area, repeating a pattern seen in 2020. The market is experiencing significant compression and is looking for support and a potential reversal. Additionally, the amended S-1 documentation for the Ethereum ETF is expected to be released today, which could serve as a major catalyst for this reversal.

2024-06-21 09:21
Ethereum Holders Accumulate Ahead of Spot ETF Launch

According to @burak_kesmeci, Ethereum holders are continuing to accumulate ETH regardless of price movements ahead of the launch of Ethereum Spot ETFs. For those interested in using on-chain metrics on TradingView, @intotheblock's data sets are recommended. The tweet also hints at a comparison between ETH and BTC holders during bull markets.

2024-06-21 08:00
Ethereum Shows Resilience Amid Market Downturn

According to CryptoMichNL, the overall crypto markets are experiencing a downward trend, but Ethereum (ETH) is showing signs of resilience. As long as ETH maintains its value above 0.05 BTC, there is potential for a trend reversal. This could signify the first uptrend in 2.5 years, potentially strengthening the altcoin markets.