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AAVE (AAVE) Price, Analysis, Predictions, and Calculator

71.69525 GBP

Price Indexes

24h Change: -0.78275 (-1.08%)

24h Low: 71.55575 GBP

24h High: 73.97375 GBP

24h Volume (Crypto): 48273.478 AAVE

24h Volume (GBP): 3510676.8276 GBP

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How to Convert aave to GBP?

Most likely, we could convert it by the medium of USD backed cryptocurrency for the transaction of aave to GBP. For example, USDT, USDC, etc.

What is the rate of aave to GBP?

The Current Price is $71.69525.

Latest aave Price Analysis, Prediction, News and Insights

Time Details
2024-07-13 16:47
Large ETH Purchase and Withdrawal by Sun on Binance

According to @EmberCN, on July 10, Sun transferred $45 million USDT into Binance and converted it into 14,436.3 ETH. This ETH was subsequently withdrawn from Binance. Additionally, Sun retrieved $50 million USDT from Aave, with $5 million of it being used to purchase ETH on-chain. This significant movement indicates a complete conversion of the $45 million USDT on Binance into ETH.

2024-07-12 13:02
Aave V3 Sees $10M Liquidation in a Single Day, Highest Since April

According to @intotheblock, Aave V3 experienced $10 million in liquidations in a single day this month, the highest amount since April. As asset prices decline, the selling pressure from these liquidations contributes to a downward spiral. The liquidated assets belonged to users who had borrowed volatile assets.

2024-07-12 09:41
Key Crypto Developments: SEC Drops BUSD Probe, MicroStrategy Stock Split, Coinbase New Web App

According to @CCData_io, today's key crypto stories include the SEC dropping its investigation into the BUSD stablecoin, MicroStrategy announcing a 10-for-1 stock split, and Coinbase launching a new web app for unified on-chain wallet management. Additionally, notable market movers include TRX, AAVE, and ZEN.

2024-07-12 07:29
Whales and Institutions Accumulate Ethereum Ecosystem Tokens

According to @lookonchain, significant amounts of Ethereum ecosystem tokens are being accumulated by whales and institutions. The account aavebank.eth recently withdrew large quantities of several tokens from Binance, including 21,027 AAVE ($1.98M), 205,493 UNI ($1.62M), 446 ETH ($1.37M), 102,313 LINK ($1.28M), and 20,797 ENS ($534K). Additionally, another whale identified as '0x345f' withdrew 508,001 PENDLE ($1.89M). This activity suggests a potential bullish sentiment among large investors towards these tokens.

2024-07-12 07:23
Aavebank.eth Increases Holdings in Key Altcoins

According to @ai_9684xtpa, the well-known altcoin trader aavebank.eth has made significant gains of $1.85 million from altcoin trading in May. Three hours ago, he initiated a new round of purchases in familiar tokens: 102,000 LINK at an average price of $12.48, 20,000 ENS at $25.94, 205,000 UNI at $7.87, and 21,000 AAVE. This activity indicates a strong confidence in these specific assets.

2024-07-06 14:37
On-Chain Fees Insights: Lido, Jito, Aave, Ethena, and TRON

According to @hosseeb, recent data on on-chain fees reveals surprising insights. Lido generates double the fees of Solana (SOL), while Jito's fees are almost on par with SOL. Aave's fees are half those of Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethena produces 2.5 times the fees of Base. Notably, TRON leads in on-chain fees.

2024-07-05 07:15
Whale Transfers Significant ETH to Binance for Loan Repayment

According to @EmberCN, a whale or institution has cumulatively transferred 33,099 ETH (worth $96.24M) to Binance for sale. They then withdrew $83.43M in stablecoins from Binance to repay loans on Compound and Aave. Currently, the entity has $48.37M in loans remaining on these lending platforms, with 31,269 ETH (worth $89.36M) still held as collateral.

2024-07-05 06:13
Whales Facing Liquidation of ETH Deposits on Aave and Compound

According to Lookonchain, as the price of ETH drops, many whales are on the brink of liquidation for their ETH deposits on Aave and Compound. In response, three whales have deposited a total of 28,558 ETH (worth $82.2 million) to Binance in the past two hours and sold it to repay their debts.

2024-07-05 04:45
Large Whale/Institution Reduces Leverage and Positions

According to @EmberCN, a large whale or institution is reducing leverage and positions. Recently, this entity incurred a $1.04M (-14%) loss from buying CRV and has transferred 11,429 ETH ($33.2M) to Binance in the past hour. The whale/institution has collateralized 53,000 ETH ($154M) across three addresses on Compound and Aave, borrowing $107.8M in stablecoins. The health rate of their borrowing positions is currently at a critical low.

2024-07-05 03:31
Significant ETH Movement and USDT Loan by Smartestmoney.eth

According to @ai_9684xtpa, in the past 10 minutes, the wallet 'smartestmoney.eth' transferred 1812 ETH (worth $5.29 million) from Binance to Aave, borrowed 5 million USDT, and then deposited the USDT back into Binance. ETH has dropped below $3000, raising concerns about the wallet's long ETH positions.

2024-07-05 02:21
Whale Activity Causes $ETH Price Fluctuation

According to @lookonchain, a whale dumped 26,600 $ETH (worth $82.5 million) at $3,102 to repay debt on Aave, leading to a 3.4% drop in $ETH price. Subsequently, the whale created a new wallet, borrowed 80.9 million $USDT from Aave, and repurchased 26,235 $ETH at a lower price of $3,084. The whale's current health rate is 1.9, indicating the risk of liquidation.

2024-07-05 00:48
Whale's Complex ETH and USDT Transactions

According to EmberCN, a whale recently performed a series of complex transactions involving ETH and USDT. The whale offloaded leverage and transferred 33,765 ETH (approximately $103 million) to a new address (0xa33...12c). This ETH was then deposited into Aave, allowing the whale to borrow 80 million USDT. The borrowed USDT was used to repurchase ETH, with 70 million USDT already spent to buy back 22,713 ETH at an average price of $3,082.

2024-07-04 11:48
Large ETH Whale/Institution Exits Position with $5M Loss

According to @EmberCN, a whale or institution has moved the last batch of ETH ecosystem tokens (LDO and AAVE) worth $8.94M into Binance, concluding a trade with a $5M loss. This entity had initially bought approximately $52.6M worth of ETH-related tokens (including LDO, UNI, AAVE, ENS, LINK, FXS) after the approval of the ETH spot ETF's 19-4 filing in late May.

2024-06-25 05:06
Whale Deposits $MKR to OKX After Incurring $1.7M Loss

According to @OnchainDataNerd, a whale identified by the address 0xC4A deposited 2,350 MKR tokens, valued at approximately $5.04 million, to the OKX exchange eight hours ago. This whale had accumulated 2,350 MKR, 39,100 AAVE, and 1.4 million LDO tokens five months ago for a total of $13.08 million, but later sold them all for $11.4 million, resulting in a total loss of around $1.7 million.

2024-06-25 01:32
Large Whale Sells 10,414 ETH to Reduce Leverage

According to @EmberCN, a whale or institution sold 10,414 ETH last night. The ETH was transferred to Binance from three addresses, and $36.32M in stablecoins was withdrawn from Binance. This sale was part of a strategy to reduce leverage, as the whale or institution had collateralized 68,300 ETH ($228M) on Aave and Compound to borrow $141M in stablecoins.

2024-06-24 08:34
Whale Withdraws $5.5M in MKR from OKX

According to @OnchainDataNerd, a whale identified as 0x2E9 withdrew 2,410 MKR tokens worth approximately $5.5 million from the OKX exchange 11 hours ago. Two days prior, this address accumulated 89,100 AAVE tokens valued at $7.16 million but subsequently sold them all to purchase MKR tokens.

2024-06-23 02:13
Significant AAVE Accumulation by Fresh Wallet

According to @OnchainDataNerd, a new wallet identified as 0x2E9 withdrew 54.1k AAVE (approximately $4.37 million) from OKX about 7 hours ago. Over the next 14 hours, the wallet accumulated a total of 89.1k AAVE worth $7.17 million.