Accelerating Financial Inclusion surfing the Wave of Digital Innovation - Accra, Ghana to host the 6th Edition Connected Banking
The West African financial sector has been witnessing a wave of digital innovation that has fuelled services and applications that had the potential to really shake up the banking sector. Banks, Fintechs, and financial institutions have been harnessing digital solutions designed to serve touchless and remote banking, which has unlocked opportunities for the millions of digitally connected diaspora that remains formally unbanked but economically active.
Inu & meme equivalent to Cleverminu token launched with 1 trillion IMO sale
Cleverminu, a hybrid meme and Inu token, has shared details of its much-anticipated token sale. The public event has seen 1 trillion CLEVERMINU tokens made available to establish a decentralized economy powered by its users. The token sale began on October 27 at 9:00 UTC, supporting price discovery and distributing CLEVERMINU to a global user base. Coin Secures 25 Million Dollars Investment Commitment From GEM Digital Limited
GEM Digital Limited commits 25 Million Dollars to Coin. MINTME rose by over 50,000% in the last two years, and such news will only speed up its march to the top.
Twitter Brings Tweet Tiles Pilot to NFT Marketplaces
Twitter is expanding its trial of Tweet Tiles, previously tested with New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian, to the world of NFTs. A selection of NFT marketplaces has been selected for the experiment, which enables Tweets to feature an interactive customizable widget.
Gluwa Blockchain Partners With Lagos State Government to Digitize Agricultural Assets
Blockchain infrastructure platform Gluwa is partnering with the Lagos State government to transform the agricultural sector. The move will enable the digitization of agricultural assets, making it easier for farmers in the region to obtain finance.
Kava Launches Liquid Staking With Successful Mainnet Upgrade
The Kava Network, an open-source, EVM and Cosmos IBC compatible, Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem, successfully implemented its Kava 11 mainnet upgrade on October 26th.
Carbon Offsetting for Blockchains & Beyond: Regen Network Launches Carbon Marketplace
Regen Network Development released its marketplace application for tokenized carbon and ecological assets, Regen Marketplace. Regen Network allows carbon project developers to originate high-quality nature-based carbon credits to markets, catalyzing regenerative finance solutions to the climate crisis. Regen Marketplace takes advantage of Regen Ledger, the application-specific blockchain which brings transparency and public governance to voluntary carbon markets, built on the CosmosSDK.
SandStorm Launches On-Demand Metaverse Builds with 5 Virtual World Partners
The largest metaverse builder community SandStorm has launched its self-serve build proposals, making it easier for brands to hire on-demand builders. SandStorm is a builder marketplace that currently spans 5 virtual worlds and eventually plans to expand across the entire open metaverse.
P2E Games Need To Emphasize Their Narrative And Artwork Over Quick Monetization Efforts
The first generation of play-to-earn blockchain games has sparked global excitement. But unfortunately, one can't turn a blind eye to their glaring weaknesses and oversights either. For example, building a sustainable game requires a substantial focus on story, artwork, and content rather than monetization.
BlazeSwap Delivers New DeFi Standard With Flare Network: a DEX offering Enhanced Organic Yields
Dubai, UAE | October 26th, 2022 — BlazeSwap is an upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) launching on Flare Network, the new blockchain that aims to connect everything. BlazeSwap will be the first and only DEX on Flare offering users Flare’s price oracle delegation and network airdrop rewards on top of liquidity provider fees.

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