Ankr Unveils Its Biggest Upgrade, Ankr Network 2.0, to Truly Decentralize Web3’s Foundational Layer
Ankr, one of the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure providers, is delighted to introduce Ankr Network 2.0, described in the new whitepaper as a “Decentralized marketplace for Web3 infrastructure.” The upgrade brings a full suite of decentralized products and services that serve as the critical infrastructure behind Web3 growth.
Bitwells Exchange Launches 777 BTC Giveaway for Derivatives Traders
Bitwells, the leading crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a 100% deposit match for new signups. The programme will reward traders who deposit up to 10 BTC with a corresponding bonus amount. A total of 777 BTC has been set aside in a funding pool and allocated for the promotion.
Vitalik Buterin Is Named Headline Speaker at ETHToronto 2022
ETHToronto, the official Hackathon of the Blockchain Futurist Conference, is coming to Toronto on August 8-10, 2022 as part of an event that will be graced by Canada’s brightest crypto mind, Vitalik Buterin.
Vleppo and Tokel make NFT rights legally enforceable in the real world leveraging Komodo technology
A long-standing problem confronting the blockchain world and NFT owners is the distinct lack of contractual clarity and legal rights in the enforcement of digital asset transactions. Today, Vleppo and Tokel have successfully conducted a breakthrough digital procedure that will pave the way for the blockchain industry and NFT owners to establish and enable their legal rights embodied in the NFTs and digital transactions to be made legally enforceable in the courts of law around the world.
MLB All-Star and NY Yankee Pitcher Nestor Cortes Releasing Personal NFT Collection On The ReserveBlock RBX Network
MLB All-Star and NY Yankee Pitcher Nestor Cortes, aka “Nasty” Nestor, announced today that he will be releasing his exclusive NFT collection on the ReserveBlock Foundations RBX Network ( protocol with a portion of his personal proceeds to benefit Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital on Sunday evening July 17th. RBX is the first open-source decentralized NFT Centric Blockchain that enables true peer-to-peer operability for the minting and trading of NFTs with or without the need for a centralized authority.
The Sandbox Co-Organizing Metaverse Summit 2022 Showcasing Ecosystem Impact
The metaverse has gained momentum recently, and it is predicted to continue to expand in the years to come. Metaverse Summit, with its co-organizer The Sandbox, supports the development of various industry stakeholders and assists brands, start-ups, and corporations in determining their position and metaverse strategy.
Delegated Proof of Stake Blockchain Accumulate (ACME) Releases Governance Documentation
Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain Accumulate has released its official governance documents. These detail the network’s constitution, its list of stakeholders, and the various rules and policies that govern both the protocol and the community. They also outline the primary role that the ACME token will play in the protocol’s development.
NEOPIN Signs Strategic Partnership With Cube Entertainment
NEOPIN, a blockchain subsidiary of NEOWIZ Holdings(KOSDAQ: 042420), announced on July 7th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment (hereinafter “Cube”) to establish a global blockchain ecosystem.
VerticalCrypto Art presents: PROOF OF PEOPLE - London’s first NFT Festival powered by Tezos
VerticalCrypto Art is pleased to announce ‘Proof of People’, London’s first immersive three-day festival showcasing art, fashion and music through the lens of the metaverse culture and NFT-backed technology, held at the iconic London venue Fabric from July 6-8.
Celsius, BlockFi, Voyager: An Endless List of Reasons Why Users Need To Take Self-Sovereignty Seriously
The ongoing issues affecting various major DeFi projects have sparked fear and concern among enthusiasts. When multi-billion dollar projects suspend trading and withdrawals without further communication, there is cause for concern. Portal, a self-hosted Layer 2 wallet and DEX on Bitcoin, shows things can be done differently.

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