Can Cryptocurrencies Help Solve the Global Environmental Crisis?
Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. From being viewed as a mere experiment, they have become a mainstream asset class with a market capitalization of over $2 trillion. However, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the scrutiny surrounding their environmental impact.
Alpha Season 3 Unveiled: My Neighbor Alice Enhances the Gaming Experience
My Neighbor Alice, a prominent blockchain gaming and NFT company, has integrated Venly to improve user experience and gameplay. The game's Alpha Season 3 introduced customizable NFTs, but performance declined due to over 100,000 NFTs. Venly simplifies digital wallet setup and introduces OnRamper for token purchase, aiming to become a dominant player in the blockchain gaming space.
The luxury fashion brands that have entered the world of cryptocurrencies
There are many reasons why consumers navigate towards luxury goods in ever-increasing numbers. While the hefty price tags are often enough to deter many shoppers from purchasing, others are ready to spend the extra cash for something of superior quality.
How Blockchain Technology is Transforming Gaming
We are witnessing a remarkable transformation in many industries due to blockchain technology. Among the various sectors being revolutionised, the gaming industry stands out, having captured the interest of an estimated 3.09 billion active video gamers worldwide. The figure has surged by over 1 billion in just seven years, a testament to the growing popularity of gaming.
ChromaWay and COMUNITYmade to Reinvent Near Shore Fashion Supply Chains with Web3 Technology
Stockholm headquartered blockchain technology company ChromaWay announced today that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to partner with COMUNITYmade to co-design and develop supply chain solutions that leverage decentralized Web3 technologies to strengthen product-provenance and transparency, empower designers, and bring high-quality fashion to market faster.
Coinfest Asia Uses Web2.5 Theme and Will Feature Over 100 Speakers
Coinfest Asia 2023 by Coinvestasi is ready to return on August 24-25 2023, in Jimbaran, Bali. Carrying the theme of Web2.5, Coinfest Asia wants to strengthen the linkages between the Web2 and Web3 industries, thus forming a more resilient Web2.5 industry.
Enhancing Metaverse Integration: My Neighbor Alice joins the Board of Directors of OMA3
My Neighbor Alice, the fully-decentralized open-world game, is proud to announce that its Chief Product Officer (CPO) has joined the board of directors of OMA3 (“Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3”).
My Neighbor Alice and ELLE: a Groundbreaking Collaboration for an Unprecedented Web3 Gaming Experience
In a landmark partnership, My Neighbor Alice (MNA) has teamed up with the iconic brand ELLE to create a unique and immersive gaming experience that showcases the best of both worlds.
D-Central Launches Innovative "Hash No Cash" Promotion Across North America
Groundbreaking Initiative Revolutionizes ASIC Repair Services, Encourages Sustainability and Decentralization in Cryptocurrency Mining
JR Kyushu Railway Company Launches NFTs on Astar Network To Boost Customer Engagement
The initiative will bring real-world utility to NFTs in Japan, enabling the railway operator to strengthen its customer relations

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