How Small Businesses can use Blockchain?

Kashyapi Prajapati   Feb 08, 2021 08:40 4 Min Read

If you keep tabs on the technological world then there is no way you could have overlooked blockchain. Just like any other revolutionary technology, blockchain is currently showing lots of promises and soon it will become one of the most impactful technological evolutions. This is one of the main reasons why the total blockchain investment reached around 3.08 million dollars and it will continue growing in the future as well.

If you are already aware about blockchain then you must be also aware of the fact how it has completely changed payments. There is no denial in the fact that blockchain started with payment but now it has become much more than just a tool for improving payments.

Here are some of the best ways small businesses can use blockchain without burning a hole in their pocket.

Proof of identity

You should know that blockchain contains many blocks of untamperable data and this is why it is considered an excellent tool for providing vital data. In the modern era, identity theft has become one of the biggest worries for most of the firms and people out there and blockchain is the best way to prevent it.

In a similar manner, blockchain can be used for verifying new business partners or it can also be used for checking the credentials of an employee and their work history. So, we can say that blockchain can be used as a protector and proof of identity.

Validating supply chain

If you are running a small business where you are already validating products with the help of blockchain then instead of limiting the applications of blockchain to product validation, you should start using it for the supply chain as well. This will allow you to easily track where the different parts of your products are coming from and it will also help you in showing your customer that your supply chain has no complications and it is completely clean.

There are many small firms out there that have already started using blockchain for validating their supply chain and they have been quite successful with their approach. In the modern era, customers will be really interested in buying a product from a company that uses a supply chain in which there is no involvement of child labor or there are no inhuman working conditions.

Protecting intellectual property

We are living in a digital era and this era might have given us many benefits but it has come along with many challenges as well. One such challenge that people have to face is regarding their intellectuals properly. In the digital era, protecting intellectual property has become quite challenging but you can overcome this challenge by using blockchain, especially if you are running a small-sized business.

You should know that you can use blockchain for keeping your intellectual property safe, regardless of how or where you publish it. But this is not it as even while selling the intellectual property to your customers, you can stay safe if you will start using blockchain.

Controlling advertising

With new products being launched virtually every second, it has become really difficult to make your ads stand out of the crowd, especially when the whole ad landscape has become crowded. And in such a crowded market, how can you make sure that your ads are hitting the right target? Well, you can do this by tracking traffic with the help of blockchain.

A consumer that will open your ad will create a blockchain record for you and this will allow you to check the different circumstances of your ad's delivery. But you should also know that this will go both ways as when you will start using blockchain then you will also be allowing your customer to see how you are handling the data. This is why you will have to use it wisely and make it the star of your firm.

Blockchain is soon going to be one of the most revolutionary technologies out there but it will take some time for this technological miracle to mature and become a new normal for everyone out there. If you are running a small business then you should start looking for ways to harness the power of blockchain as soon as possible.

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