Wintermute Rolls out Crypto OTC Trading Platform for Institutional Clients

Nicholas Otieno   Apr 07, 2022 09:25

On Wednesday, Wintermute, a global crypto market-maker headquartered in London, announced that it has launched a new over-the-counter (OTC) platform, called Wintermute NODE, designed to enable institutional clients and qualified investors to trade digital assets and their derivatives.

Wintermute said that the new platform is intended to be a one-stop shop to provide price discovery, trading, and exposure monitoring of digital assets. The platform will charge zero fees and allow customers to access Wintermute’s liquidity over API and web interface directly.

The firm stated that Wintermute NODE allows buying and selling any token, any product, in any manner. According to Thursday’s statement, Wintermute NODE runs 24/7 on 60+ centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering liquidity and a variety of CeFi and DeFi venues and buying and selling over $5 million a day. Businesses can also access perpetual futures, CFDs, and NDFs on the new OTC platform.

Wintermute explained that NODE aims to play a vital role in enabling institutional buyers like family offices, hedge funds, blockchain natives, and other big-money players to access OTC crypto buying and selling and participate in niche markets like decentralized finance (DeFi).

Wintermute NODE appears to be competing against other institutional trading platforms (like FalconX and Coinbase Prime) that offer access to crypto order flow.

Evgeny Gaevoy, the Wintermute founder and CEO, commented about the development and said: “The others are charging a lot. Our platform eliminates an extra layer of fees.”

Providing Access to Capital and Market Liquidity

Wintermute NODE is an expansion of the firm’s OTC API flagship product unveiled in June 2021 that functions as a liquidity delivery mechanism for digital asset trading.

Established in 2017, Wintermute has served as a crypto market maker focused on high-frequency algorithmic trading and market-making services. Since its launch, Wintermute continues to fulfil its mission to create transparent, efficient, and liquid markets for retail and institutional investors across centralized and decentralized exchanges and OTC trading platforms.


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