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Wachsman Appoints Cointelegraph CEO Jay Cassano as Chief Growth Officer

Jay Cassano will be responsible for accelerating Wachsman’s expansion across its key markets after being appointed as Wachsman's Chief Growth Officer.

  • Sep 20, 2022 04:40
Wachsman Appoints Cointelegraph CEO Jay Cassano as Chief Growth Officer

Wachsman, a major global public relations firm serving the Web3 and financial technology sectors, announced Monday for the appointment of Cointelegraph CEO Jay Cassano as the company’s new Chief Growth Officer.

Cassano will be responsible for spearheading innovation, working across Wachsman’s global network to scale new service verticals, including community management, content marketing, social media services, and digital marketing to support the company’s growing base of Web3 and fintech clients.

Cassano worked at Cointelegraph crypto media firm as Editor-in-Chief for one year before becoming its CEO. Cassano's other significant accomplishments at the crypto media company include launching CT Studio, the media company’s marketing and branding agency.

Before joining Cointelegraph, Cassano served as a staff reporter at Fast Company and as an investigative journalist at Newsweek, among other editorial positions.

Wachsman Founder and CEO, David Wachsman, talked about Jay’s appointment: “Jay is an exceptional talent, possessing a unique mix of leadership and Web3 expertise, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the media and omni-channel marketing. With Jay’s leadership, we will be able to deliver even more integrated and impactful programming for our clients globally.”

Why are Crypto Executives High Demand?

Despite the crypto downturn, fintech and related companies have been keen to hire talents with relevant skills as they aim to add expertise to their blockchain projects. In the recent past, crypto firms from Bitpanda, Coinbase, BlockFi Inc., among others, slashed massive jobs positions. But many crypto workers with the right skills are finding themselves in demand at the heart of the finance industry.

This month, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., announced plans to hire staff with blockchain experience. And they are not the only ones. Many other related tech firms are also interested in hiring people with experience in the technology that underpins cryptocurrency, a market that continues to grab the attention of banking clients and regulators.

The downturn in crypto trading, with low transaction activities and slow hiring, has become an opportunity for traditional financial and tech firms. Most of these firms have avoided the spot market for cryptocurrencies due to regulatory uncertainty. But they are developing alternative ways to trade the volatile asset class while exploring wider uses for the blockchain in areas like web3, payments, and supply chains.

A crypto worker’s prospects depend on their previous role. Tech, security, compliance and client management staff are particularly in high demand, especially for executives with the most sought-after skills.

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