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US House of Representatives to Vote on Controversial SAB 121 Bill

Rebeca Moen Jul 06, 2024 13:12

US House of Representatives votes on Senate Bill 121, affecting cryptocurrency industry, potentially restricting banks' management and causing concentration risk, requiring Democrats' support.

US House of Representatives to Vote on Controversial SAB 121 Bill

The House of Representatives of the United States of America is getting ready to hold a vote that will be extremely important regarding President Joe Biden's decision to veto Staff Accounting Bulletin 121 (SAB 121), which has been the subject of a great deal of controversy. The Senate Bill 121, which is also referred to as the "legislation that may be considered," has been the subject of a heated debate within the cryptocurrency industry due to the fact that there are concerns that it could make it more difficult for banks to effectively protect digital assets.

What exactly is Senate Bill 121?

In accordance with the proposed rule known as SAB 121, entities that are required to report to the SEC and hold cryptocurrency would be required to include those holdings on their balance sheets. The implication of this is that businesses that custody cryptocurrency would be required to record the cryptocurrency holdings of their customers as liabilities on their balance sheets. Concerns have been raised by critics of the rule, who argue that it could restrict the capacity of American banks to manage cryptocurrency exchange-traded products on a large scale, which could potentially result in a concentration risk.

The Methods Used in Voting

It is anticipated that the House of Representatives will carry out its constitutional obligation and vote on Senate Bill 121 either on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. To override the veto that was issued by President Biden, a majority vote of two-thirds is required from both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In May, the measure was approved by the full House with a vote of 228-182, with support coming from a majority of Republicans and 21 Democrats. It is important to note that this vote was favorable. In addition, the measure was approved by the Senate via a vote of sixty to thirty-eight, with a number of Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, voting in favor of the measure.

The Importance of Providing Additional Assistance at

In order for the House of Representatives to successfully override the veto, it would require 290 members to vote in favor of doing so, which is approximately 60 more votes than the initial 228 members who voted in favor of doing so. Due to the fact that the previous vote did not achieve the required two-thirds majority, it is essential that Democrats provide additional support this time around. In light of the fact that the previous vote was conducted in a bipartisan manner, Alexander Grieve, who is the head of government affairs at the venture capital firm Paradigm, is of the opinion that obtaining a two-thirds vote is a difficult task to accomplish, but it is not impossible.


The imminent vote in the US House of Representatives on SAB 121 is considered to be a major milestone for the crypto sector. The result of the vote will decide whether the contentious regulation mandating SEC-reporting firms to show bitcoin holdings on their balance sheets will be upheld or reversed. Due to the fact that a majority vote of two-thirds is required, the support of additional Democrats will be the most important factor in determining the outcome of Senate Bill 121.

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