Upwork Listed Cryptocurrency Affiliated Gigs as the Highest Paying for Freelancers

By Alo Kingsley   Aug 24, 2019 2 Min Read (84).jpg

The Chief economist in one of the biggest freelance platforms Adam Ozimek has said that there has been an increase in the demand for freelancers with some tech-savviness.

It was reported that there has been a tremendously growing need for workers who are tech-savvy or have one form of tech skill or another; most employment providers have also been looking for individuals with a background or knowledge in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

BTC statistics put up by Upwork

Going by the growing attention towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the fin-tech space, it is therefore not surprising to see that executives of tech companies and startups are on the lookout for persons with the slightest familiarity/ understanding with the operations of Blockchain.

Furthermore, the need for people with some orientation in this technology serves as a solid pointer to the fact that it is gaining sufficient relevance, hence the increase in jobs that have a cryptocurrency affiliation.

Upwork has been seen to have gained some reputation with the average earnings freelancers being fair. In a previous blog post made by Upwork, approximately 73% of their customers say they have since begun earning more as freelancers then they did through full-time jobs.

The chart below highlights the highest paying skills in Upwork.



Adam Ozimek said:

" This data illustrates that work of a very high skilled nature is being done by professionals on Upwork. Highly-paid skills aren’t just anecdotes or limited to one field. They range from law to marketing to finance to high tech, and a significant percentage of U.S. freelancers earn quite high hourly wages on the platform."


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