TRST01 Partners with Blockchain Protocol Rubix to Create Green Economy

Annie Li   May 04, 2022 09:15 1 Min Read

Blockchain technology company TRST01 (Trust O One) has established a cooperation with the blockchain protocol Rubix to provide a Web3 green blockchain technology platform focusing on the field of climate and environment to governments, organizations, and citizens, creating a green and zero-carbon emission future.

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Two parties will use their professional blockchain knowledge to synthesize more private sector resources by working with the government and other departments to capture original information. They will use decentralized and peer-to-peer (P2P) Web3 technology to identify these resources and create a sustainable green economy.

KC Reddy, chief architect and founder of Rubix, said adopting a unified approach to digitizing climate action will be a major obstacle to future implementation.

Reddy said:

“Enterprises and their stakeholders need to have a comprehensive and holistic system to capture, track, inform, and validate information,” said Reddy, adding that “this will drive transparent business decision-making, which will improve organizational agility and accelerate climate actions. These next-generation efforts to digitize climate actions must be based on Web3 technologies.”

As climate change is considered a desperate problem in modern times, blockchain technology promises to be a stepping stone to economic complexity and interoperability in the transition to renewable energy.

In 2020, a Multinational professional service firm and one of the Big four auditing firms, KPMG, offered a blockchain-based tool dubbed the Climate Accounting Infrastructure (CAI) to help organizations measure, mitigate, and report more accurately and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.


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