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Tether, TON Foundation, and Oobit Join Forces for Seamless Crypto-Payment Solution

Tether Operations Limited, Oobit, and TON Foundation collaborate to revolutionize crypto payments, offering a seamless transaction experience.

  • May 16, 2024 13:43
Tether, TON Foundation, and Oobit Join Forces for Seamless Crypto-Payment Solution

Tether, TON Foundation, and Oobit Create Seamless Crypto-Payment Solution

Tether Operations Limited, the largest company in the digital asset industry, has partnered with Oobit, a mobile payment app, and the TON Foundation to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This collaboration aims to provide a seamless and convenient way for users to transact with cryptocurrencies.

Reaffirming Tether's Commitment to a Borderless Financial System

This partnership reiterates Tether's unwavering commitment to providing a borderless financial system through decentralized technology solutions. In line with this, Tether recently launched USD₮ and XAU₮ on TON to facilitate smooth transfers between users on TON's ecosystem, enabling a swift, secure, and cost-effective process.

Over $200 Million Worth of USD₮ Issued on TON's Blockchain

Since its launch, over $200 million worth of USD₮ has been issued on TON's blockchain. This enables users to send USD₮ as a direct message on Telegram and spend the same USD₮ for instant crypto Tap payments on Oobit. This development further emphasizes Tether's position as a leader in digital assets, committed to shaping the future of finance.

A New Era of Accessibility, Efficiency, and Convenience

This collaboration ushers in a new era of accessibility, efficiency, and convenience for users worldwide. Oobit offers a convenient and smooth crypto Tap & Pay experience as a strategic part of this collaboration. This integration will further expand the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, making it a practical and widely accepted option.

Empowering Individuals to Harness the Full Potential of Digital Assets

TON, a decentralized alternative to the conventional internet through blockchain technology, plays a pivotal role in this collaboration. The TON blockchain works with Telegram, providing a simple, borderless experience for Telegram's user base for peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. This integration offers convenient access to decentralized services, enhancing the overall user experience.

Driving Mass Adoption Globally

With the overarching goal of expanding USD₮ accessibility globally and facilitating smooth value transfer within TON's ecosystem, alongside providing a seamless crypto Tap & Pay experience with Oobit, Tether continues to lead the charge in transforming the cryptocurrency landscape and disrupting the traditional financial system.

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