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Team behind Friendsies NFT project refutes claims

NFTs Friendsies denies departing NFT after being called a "hard rug."

  • Feb 25, 2023 09:45
Team behind Friendsies NFT project refutes claims

The team that is responsible for the nonfungible token collection Friendsies has refuted assertions that they are "abandoning" the NFT project in the wake of a flood of allegations that they engaged in "rug pulling." The allegations were made in response to a flood of allegations that the team engaged in "rug pulling." After the squad was accused of indulging in "rug pulling," these allegations were made to defend their actions. These claims were leveled as a kind of pushback against the mountain of evidence suggesting that the team engaged in "rug tugging."

On February 21, the people who are driving the NFT project published a message to their Twitter followers stating that they would be "putting a stop" on Friendsies and "any future digital commodities" for the time being. The statement was posted on Twitter. They said that this decision will become effective right away. They justified their choice by arguing that the market provided a variety of challenges for them to overcome, which the decision had to take into consideration.

After around forty minutes had elapsed, the Twitter account that was in question was disabled, and the account of the organization that was responsible for beginning the campaign, Friendswithyou, was made private. Both of these actions were taken immediately after. As a direct consequence of this fact, stories have surfaced stating that the designers "rugged" for remuneration to the tune of almost five million dollars.

Since then, the Twitter account that is affiliated with the project has been revived, and the people behind the campaign have strongly disputed allegations that they had "given up" on the project altogether. The internet has been replete with reports that they are giving up on the project and moving on to other things, which may be translated as "throwing in the towel." In spite of this, the account that was initially established by the company's founders is being kept a secret by the management that is in place at the moment.

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