Revolut CEO Breaks Silence on Russian-Ukraine War, Condemns Violence

Godfrey Benjamin   Mar 03, 2022 03:30

The Chief Executive Officer of a digital banking app Revolut Nikolay Storonsky has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the first time he is publicly talking about the event.


“For me, as for so many, the idea of a war between Russia and Ukraine is not just horrifying, it is almost impossible to believe. As recently as last week, I was still convinced that a diplomatic solution would be reached, and it was with complete disbelief and sadness that I looked on at the violence of this past week,” he said calling on all sides to end the war.

According to Storonsky, the broken diplomatic ties between Russia and Ukraine to war is uncalled for, seeing that citizens from both countries are more of kinsmen.

Storonsky pointed out that despite the fact that he is British, he was born in Russia to a Ukrainian father, and that his co-founder in Revolut, Vladyslav Yatsenko is Ukrainian, noting that he has many people he cares about in both regions. 

“Today, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, I am announcing that every donation made to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal will be matched by Revolut. For every pound or euro or złoty or franc donated by a Revolut customer to the appeal, Revolut will donate the same again, from today for the next 7 days, up to £1.5m.”

Unlike other mainstream companies in the payment ecosystem like Mastercard, Revolut has not yet halted its services in Russia, partly due to the fact that Storonsky believes the residents in Russia are as harmless and a victim as much as those in Ukraine. However, the company has aided the free flow of donations to more than £1 million generated in support of the humanitarian efforts to Ukraine within 24 hours. 


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