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Private Market Confidence Rises as Investors Embrace Digital and Healthcare Sectors in 2024

Rebeca Moen Mar 07, 2024 11:06

Adams Street Partners' survey indicates 90% expect private markets to outperform public markets in the long run, with two-thirds planning to enhance allocations in 2024, highlighting digital disruption's importance.

Private Market Confidence Rises as Investors Embrace Digital and Healthcare Sectors in 2024

The landscape of private market investments is undergoing a significant shift, with investors expressing increased confidence and a keen interest in technology and healthcare sectors. A recent global survey conducted by Adams Street Partners, LLC highlights this sentiment, revealing that nearly 90% of respondents anticipate private markets to outperform public markets in the long run.

The optimism is not unfounded, as two-thirds of those surveyed are planning to enhance their private market allocations in 2024. This strategic move is backed by the belief in the resilience of private markets, which are seen as better equipped to navigate economic uncertainties and short-term volatilities compared to their public counterparts.

A notable shift in geographic preferences has also been observed, with North America and China experiencing slight declines in their perceived investment potential. Conversely, the emerging Asia Pacific and European markets are gaining traction among investors. This change reflects a dynamic international investment landscape, where diversification is becoming increasingly important.

The survey indicates that investors are particularly bullish on sectors that are poised to benefit from digital disruption. Forty percent of respondents project that technology and healthcare will offer the most lucrative opportunities in 2024, with AI being a significant catalyst in these domains. This is further substantiated by the fact that financial services are also gaining favor, with half of the investors leaning towards this sector.

Venture capital and growth equity play a pivotal role in nurturing innovative, technology-focused startups. This is evidenced by more than 80% of surveyed investors considering allocating a substantial part of their private market holdings to these strategies.

The secondary market and private credit are also seeing a surge in interest. The increasing investor appetite for diverse asset classes is evident, particularly during the liquidity constraints faced by M&A and IPO markets. Private credit, with its flexibility and attractive returns, is highly favored by both investors and borrowers.

In terms of manager selection, deep sector expertise and advanced digital analytics are among the top characteristics valued by investors. This reflects a larger trend towards data-driven decision-making and specialization within the investment community.

Amidst the optimism, geopolitical risks remain a concern. The survey respondents highlighted the US political climate as the most significant threat to global economic stability, followed by the ongoing tensions between Israel and Hamas, and the US-China relations.

Interestingly, blockchain technology is regaining the trust of investors. A substantial majority of survey participants are considering investments in cryptocurrency or blockchain-related opportunities in the forthcoming years, indicating a resurgence of interest in this field.

Overall, as we navigate through 2024, it is clear that the private markets are expected to undergo significant growth and transformation, driven by digital innovation and evolving investor strategies. The full report by Adams Street Partners, titled “Navigating Private Markets in 2024: Opportunity Knocks as Change Accelerates,” provides an in-depth analysis of these trends, reflecting the sentiments of 100 institutional investors from the US, Europe, and APAC.

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