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Oracle and Google Cloud Forge Multicloud Alliance to Accelerate Application Modernization

Darius Baruo Jun 12, 2024 11:37

Oracle and Google Cloud announce a multicloud partnership to enhance application migrations and modernization.

Oracle and Google Cloud Forge Multicloud Alliance to Accelerate Application Modernization

Oracle and Google Cloud have unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at offering customers a seamless integration of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Google Cloud services. This collaboration is designed to accelerate application migrations and modernization efforts, according to Oracle blog.

Multicloud Connectivity and Database Services

The partnership will introduce Google Cloud’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect, initially available in 11 global regions. This service will allow customers to deploy general-purpose workloads without incurring cross-cloud data transfer charges. Additionally, a new offering, Oracle Database@Google Cloud, will be launched later this year. This service aims to provide top-tier Oracle database and network performance with parity in features and pricing compared to OCI.

Oracle Database@Google Cloud will enable enterprises across various industries—including financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing—to leverage Oracle database services directly within Google Cloud datacenters. This move is expected to streamline cloud migration processes, modernize IT environments, and tap into Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI capabilities.

Customer Benefits and Flexibility

Key advantages of Oracle Database@Google Cloud include:

  • Flexible migration options with compatibility with proven tools like Oracle Zero-Downtime Migration.
  • Simplified purchasing and contracting through Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing customers to use Oracle services with existing Google Cloud commitments and Oracle license benefits.
  • Unified customer experience and support from both Google Cloud and Oracle.
  • Deployment of Oracle database services such as Oracle Exadata Database Service, Oracle Autonomous Database Service, and more within Google Cloud datacenters, ensuring a secure and low-latency environment.
  • Integration with Google Cloud’s AI services, including Vertex AI and Gemini foundation models, to enhance enterprise applications and services.

Oracle will manage its database services within Google Cloud datacenters globally, starting with regions in North America and Europe. The services will initially launch in four regions—US East (Ashburn), US West (Salt Lake City), UK South (London), and Germany Central (Frankfurt)—with plans for rapid expansion.

Seamless Interoperability

Google Cloud’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect will enable customers to deploy workloads across both OCI and Google Cloud regions without cross-cloud data transfer charges. Initially available in 11 regions, including Australia East (Sydney), Germany Central (Frankfurt), and US East (Ashburn), this service will expand to more regions over time. Benefits include:

  • Using the best combination of Oracle’s and Google Cloud’s services based on features, performance, and pricing.
  • Low-latency, high-throughput interconnections for superior multicloud network performance.
  • Running Oracle applications like Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise on OCI with data stores on both OCI and Google Cloud.
  • Building cloud-native applications using Google Cloud and OCI technologies, leveraging Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade AI technologies.

This multicloud approach aims to provide a fully integrated experience for deploying, managing, and using Oracle database instances within Google Cloud. It also facilitates data movement and the deployment of new cloud-native applications, leveraging the strengths of both Oracle and Google Cloud capabilities.

Oracle’s Distributed Cloud Offerings

Oracle’s distributed cloud services offer extensive control and flexibility. The offerings include:

  • Dedicated cloud: Running OCI cloud services in customer data centers with OCI Dedicated Region and Oracle Alloy.
  • Hybrid cloud: Delivering OCI services on-premises, such as Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Compute Cloud@Customer, with deployments in over 60 countries.
  • Public cloud: Hyperscale public cloud regions catering to organizations of all sizes, including those requiring strict EU sovereignty controls.
  • Multicloud: Combining key capabilities from across clouds with options like Oracle Database@Azure, Oracle Database@Google Cloud, and Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure.

About Google Cloud

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