Opensea Opens Bulk NFT Listings & Purchases for Users

Samuel Edyme   Oct 06, 2022 08:45

Opensea now allows users to list and buy up to 30 items in a single flow on its marketplace, saying that it’s more convenient and way more gas efficient than buying individually.


Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace, announced in a short Twitter thread its new feature that allows users to bulk list and buy up to 30 items at once from the same chain in a cart before purchasing them all in a single transaction. 

According to the team at Opensea, this would reduce gas fee costs, making the purchasing process more suitable and well organized.

The company explained, saying: “In your collected items tab, you can access bulk listings by clicking on the “+” symbol when you hover over an item card or by clicking “list for sale” in the "More Options" drop-down.”

Recently, OpenSea adopted OpenRarity - a scarcity tracking tool that allows buyers to check the rarity of a specific non-fungible token (NFT). 

In addition, last week, Opensea announced its partnership with US-based global music and entertainment company Warner Music Group to help attract music fans through NFT drops.

While the marketplace continues to improve with innovation, its volume has plunged dramatically, with a lot of declines in the daily and monthly transactions on the platform. 

According to data from Dappradar, Opensea went from processing $26.44 million worth of NFT transactions on June 5 to only processing $7.79 million worth of NFT transactions on October 4. 

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