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OKX to Delist Several Margin Trading Pairs and Perpetual Futures

Zach Anderson May 17, 2024 09:35

OKX announces the delisting of several perpetual futures and margin trading pairs to improve market liquidity and user experience.

OKX to Delist Several Margin Trading Pairs and Perpetual Futures

OKX Announces Delisting of Certain Trading Pairs

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced plans to delist several perpetual futures and margin trading pairs. The move is aimed at improving market liquidity and enhancing the overall user experience on the platform. The trading pairs to be delisted include STARLUSDT and ANTUSDT perpetual futures, as well as STARL/USDT, ANT/USDT, and MANA/BTC margin trading pairs.

Impact on Traders

As a part of the delisting process, OKX will terminate all relevant trades involving these pairs. Any existing orders in the order book will also be cancelled post-delisting. Traders holding positions worth more than 10,000 USD in value in the affected perpetual contracts at the time of delivery will be restricted from transferring assets out of their trading account for the first 30 minutes after delisting.

OKX has urged traders to manage their risk level by reducing actual leverage multiples or closing positions in advance, considering potential sharp market fluctuations prior to delisting. In addition, traders with borrowings or collateral in the affected pairs are advised to repay before the delisting times to avoid forced repayments.

Risk Control Parameter Adjustments

To ensure successful delivery of the affected perpetual futures during delisting, OKX has made several adjustments to its risk control parameters and price limit rules. The adjustments include changes in the highest and lowest price limits, and changes in discount rates for certain crypto assets.

Improving User Experience

While the delisting may cause temporary disruptions, it is a part of OKX's ongoing efforts to optimize its platform and provide users with a seamless trading experience. The delisting will also aid in improving market liquidity, a key factor that can influence the profitability and efficiency of trades on the platform.

Future Developments

OKX remains committed to refining and expanding its range of offerings to meet the evolving needs of its users. Traders and users are advised to stay updated with OKX's announcements for further information on future developments.

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