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OKX Announces Plans to Delist XRP and LTC Expiry Futures

Peter Zhang Jun 12, 2024 12:08

OKX set to delist XRP and LTC expiry futures by December 2024.

OKX Announces Plans to Delist XRP and LTC Expiry Futures

In a move aligned with current market trends, OKX has announced its decision to phase out XRP and LTC USDT-margined and crypto-margined expiry futures. According to OKX, this strategic change aims to better meet users’ needs by simplifying their futures offerings.

Details of the Delisting Schedule

OKX has provided a detailed schedule for the cessation of these futures products. The delisting process will start with the discontinuation of bi-weekly expiry futures generation from June 21, 2024. Following this, bi-quarterly expiry futures will cease to be generated from September 27, 2024. However, any currently listed expiry futures will remain active until their respective expiration dates.

Impact on Users and Platforms

This change will impact all users accessing OKX through its web, app, and API platforms. The official delisting of XRP and LTC expiry futures is set for 8:00 am UTC on December 27, 2024. Users who have existing positions in these futures are advised to plan accordingly as the expiration dates approach.

Market Trends and User Needs

The decision to delist these futures contracts comes as part of OKX's ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving market landscape and user preferences. By streamlining the available futures options, OKX aims to provide a more focused and user-friendly trading experience.

For further inquiries, users can reach out through the official OKX support center or connect via their community platforms.

OKX’s decision reflects a broader trend in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, where platforms consistently review and adjust their offerings to align with market demands and regulatory environments.

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