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NVIDIA Releases Omniverse Kit 106 Beta for Cloud-Based OpenUSD Applications

Zach Anderson Jun 14, 2024 04:15

NVIDIA launches Omniverse Kit 106 Beta, enhancing cloud-based OpenUSD application development.

NVIDIA Releases Omniverse Kit 106 Beta for Cloud-Based OpenUSD Applications

NVIDIA has announced the release of the Omniverse Kit 106 Beta, a significant milestone aimed at enhancing the development of OpenUSD applications for both cloud and on-premises deployments. This latest update introduces a host of new features and improvements designed to streamline and accelerate 3D and industrial digitalization workflows, according to the NVIDIA Technical Blog.

What’s New in Omniverse Kit 106 Beta?

The Omniverse Kit 106 Beta comes with several new tools and functionalities:

  • Launch-ready sample environments optimized for testing and development
  • Backend structure improvements for increased control over extensions and dependencies
  • Visual scripting enhancements for easier and faster low-code development
  • Advanced RTX rendering with improved real-time materials and lighting

These additions make the development of OpenUSD-based applications more efficient and scalable, reducing unnecessary development overhead.

Enhanced Developer Experience

The Kit 106 Beta SDK includes numerous enhancements aimed at providing robust and user-friendly tools:

Kit Base Editor

The Kit Base Editor offers a launch-ready sample environment optimized for real-time testing and development, enhancing the efficiency of the development cycle.

Kit Extension Consolidation

Backend structure improvements provide increased control over extensions and dependencies, simplifying code management and reducing maintenance efforts.

OmniGraph Enhancements

OmniGraph, a visual scripting tool, has received significant updates that make it easier and more efficient to use, particularly for rapid prototyping.

Advanced RTX Rendering

Updates to the RTX Renderer, including improved material and lighting models, enhance real-time rendering capabilities, providing realistic and visually stunning results.

Jumpstart Application Development

The introduction of the Kit App Template Repository, released alongside the Kit 106 Beta SDK, offers a variety of customizable templates that significantly reduce development time. These templates are ideal for virtual factory simulation, 3D product configurators, and other industrial use cases.

  • Service: Ideal for creating headless web service applications
  • Base Editor: A customizable version of the Kit Base Editor
  • USD Explorer: Designed for handling large USD scenes, useful in industries like film and animation

Omniverse App Streaming API

The Omniverse App Streaming API will soon be available in public beta, enabling the deployment of Kit-based applications to the cloud. This API supports deployment on both on-premises and public cloud infrastructures, allowing for seamless integration into web-based solutions.

Overall, the Omniverse Kit 106 Beta SDK represents a significant step forward in providing developers with the tools they need to build, iterate, and deploy OpenUSD applications with confidence.

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