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NVIDIA JetPack 6.0 Officially Released, Enhancing Edge AI Capabilities

NVIDIA JetPack 6.0 enhances edge AI with new features and microservices.

  • Jun 05, 2024 07:51
NVIDIA JetPack 6.0 Officially Released, Enhancing Edge AI Capabilities

NVIDIA has officially announced the general availability of JetPack 6.0, the latest version of its software development kit (SDK) for NVIDIA Jetson modules, which offers a comprehensive solution for building accelerated AI applications. According to the NVIDIA Technical Blog, JetPack 6.0 expands the Jetson platform’s flexibility and scalability, enabling advanced embedded AI and robotics applications.

JetPack 6 Feature Highlights

JetPack 6.0 introduces support for a variety of Linux-based distributions, including Ubuntu Server, RHEL 9.4, SUSE, Wind River Linux, and various Yocto-based distributions. This broad compatibility allows developers to use their preferred Linux kernels without backporting drivers specifically for Jetson Linux.

The new Jetson Platform Services, included in JetPack 6.0, offers prebuilt and customizable services designed to accelerate AI application development. These modular services support true cloud-native applications that are API-driven and disaggregated.

Modular Architecture with Jetson Platform Services

The Jetson Platform Services provides a modular architecture with a collection of customizable software and reusable microservices for building vision AI applications. These services include the Video Storage Toolkit (VST), AI perception services, generative AI inference services, and analytics services.

Jetson Platform Services also features an IoT cloud module that ensures secure and authenticated access to APIs, which can run on any public or private cloud.

AI Services

JetPack 6.0 includes a suite of AI services for optimized video processing and AI inference. These services leverage AI models, multi-object tracking, and streaming analytics techniques. Key offerings include:

  • AI Inference Service for Vision Language Models (VLMs): Provides semantic understanding of images and videos, supporting models like VILA and LLaVA.
  • AI Analytics Service: Generates spatial and temporal insights from video metadata, supporting functionalities like line crossing, region of interest, and behavior analytics.

Foundation Services

Foundation services are domain-agnostic capabilities for assembling production-grade AI systems. Key components include:

  • Video Storage Toolkit (VST): Manages video streams from ONVIF-compliant cameras, optimized for handling large numbers of connected cameras.
  • Storage Service: Supports provisioning of additional storage attached to Jetson devices.
  • Network Services: Configures Ethernet interfaces for IP cameras and sets up DHCP.
  • Redis Service: Supports messaging and synchronization between microservices.
  • API Gateway (Ingress): Routes incoming API requests to appropriate microservices.
  • Monitoring: Collects data using Prometheus and visualizes it with Grafana.
  • IoT Gateway: Authenticates devices and securely connects to the cloud.
  • Firewall: Sets up UFW with customizable rules to control network traffic.

Generative AI Workflows

JetPack 6.0 provides reference workflows for generative AI applications. These workflows, packaged as Docker compose files, illustrate best practices for configuring various Jetson services. Key workflows include:

  • AI-NVR: An end-to-end reference application for AI-based Network Video Recorder solutions, featuring video management, people occupancy metrics, and a reference mobile app.
  • Generative AI-powered Alerts: Uses VLMs to extract insights from videos and generate alerts using natural language.
  • Zero-shot Detection: Utilizes the NanoOwl model for detecting any number of objects without explicit training on specific classes.

Expanded Jetson Support

Jetson Platform Services is compatible with all devices in the Orin family, from Orin Nano to AGX. The foundation services and AI-NVR workflow are supported across these devices, though the number of streams will vary based on hardware configuration.

Enabling Production Deployment

NVIDIA has partnered with several OEMs to provide production-quality carrier boards and packaging. Partners include Yuan, Aetina, Aaeon, Advantech, AVerMedia, Seeed Studio, and CRG. Additionally, fleet management companies like Namla, Allxon, and Mender offer turnkey solutions for deploying and updating edge applications.


NVIDIA JetPack 6.0 delivers new features and enhancements for building edge AI applications. It introduces Jetson Platform Services, a collection of cloud-native, modular services with standardized APIs. Developers can leverage these services and workflows to accelerate generative AI application development on the edge. To get started, download JetPack 6.0.

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