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NVIDIA Enhances Low-Resolution SDR Video with RTX Video SDK Release

NVIDIA releases the RTX Video SDK for AI-enhanced video quality improvements.

  • Jun 07, 2024 09:05
NVIDIA Enhances Low-Resolution SDR Video with RTX Video SDK Release

NVIDIA has unveiled the RTX Video SDK, a comprehensive suite of AI-powered video enhancements aimed at improving the visual quality of lower-resolution video content. Initially rolled out as a driver API, this advanced technology is now accessible for direct integration into various applications, according to NVIDIA Technical Blog.

NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution

One of the standout features of this SDK is the NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution. This technology was first announced at CES 2023 and is designed to upscale video while eliminating compression artifacts. These artifacts, often seen as blocky distortions in low-bitrate videos, can significantly degrade the viewing experience. By leveraging RTX Video Super Resolution, video creative applications can enhance lower-quality footage, whether sourced from archived material or older webcam recordings, resulting in markedly clearer and more professional outcomes.

As the demand for high-resolution video content like 4K continues to rise, the NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution offers a reliable solution for delivering top-tier upscaling efficiently.


Another crucial component of the RTX Video SDK is the NVIDIA RTX Video HDR, which was showcased at CES 2024. This feature addresses the growing need for seamless SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) to HDR (High Dynamic Range) conversion, enhancing the color gamut and producing more vivid and lifelike visuals. Nvidia's technology employs Tensor cores to expand colors from the sRGB to the scRGB color space, effectively reducing banding effects that often plague traditional SDR to HDR converters.

The end result is HDR video with richer blacks and brighter whites, maintaining the original intent and quality of the footage as much as possible.

Technical Specifications and Availability

The NVIDIA RTX Video SDK is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 64-bit platforms, supporting DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and Vulcan, with CUDA support expected soon. This broad compatibility ensures that a wide range of developers can integrate these advanced video enhancement capabilities into their applications, catering to various creative and professional needs.

For more detailed information and to download the SDK, visit the NVIDIA RTX Video SDK page.

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