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NVIDIA Acquires GPU Orchestration Software Provider Run:ai for $700 Million

NVIDIA, a leading technology company, has announced its acquisition of Run:ai, an Israeli startup that specializes in GPU orchestration software. The acquisition aims to enhance NVIDIA's capabilities in managing and optimizing AI computing resources across various environments. The terms of the deal, including the acquisition cost, have not been publicly disclosed.

  • Apr 25, 2024 10:22
NVIDIA Acquires GPU Orchestration Software Provider Run:ai for $700 Million

In a move to bolster its AI workload management capabilities, NVIDIA has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Run:ai, a prominent provider of Kubernetes-based workload management and orchestration software. With AI deployments becoming increasingly complex and distributed across multiple infrastructures, efficient resource utilization has become a priority for enterprises.

Run:ai offers an open platform built on Kubernetes, the popular orchestration layer for modern AI and cloud infrastructure. The platform supports various Kubernetes variants and integrates seamlessly with third-party AI tools and frameworks. By leveraging Run:ai's technology, enterprise customers can efficiently manage and optimize their compute infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

The acquisition allows NVIDIA to provide its customers with a centralized interface to manage shared compute infrastructure, simplifying access to complex AI workloads. It also offers functionalities such as user management, resource allocation control, and monitoring of resource utilization. Run:ai's platform enables pooling of GPUs and sharing of computing power, allowing for efficient GPU cluster resource utilization.

As part of the acquisition, NVIDIA plans to continue offering Run:ai's products under the same business model. The company also intends to invest in the development of Run:ai's product roadmap, aligning it with NVIDIA's DGX Cloud AI platform. NVIDIA DGX server and workstation customers, as well as DGX Cloud users, will gain access to Run:ai's capabilities, particularly for generative AI deployments across multiple data center locations.

Run:ai has been a close collaborator with NVIDIA since 2020, and the acquisition further strengthens their partnership. Omri Geller, CEO of Run:ai, expressed excitement about joining NVIDIA and continuing their journey together.

The acquisition of Run:ai aligns with NVIDIA's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for AI infrastructure management. By combining their expertise, NVIDIA and Run:ai aim to empower customers with enhanced GPU utilization, improved management of GPU infrastructure, and greater flexibility in their AI deployments. The acquisition reflects NVIDIA's dedication to advancing AI technology and supporting enterprises in their AI initiatives.

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