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Minimizing Gas Fees: Hooked Implements User Interactions Layer on opBNB

Rebeca Moen May 24, 2024 12:23

Hooked, a gamified educational platform, utilizes opBNB to reduce transaction costs and manage high volume on-chain interactions effectively.

Minimizing Gas Fees: Hooked Implements User Interactions Layer on opBNB

Hooked Leverages opBNB for Cost-Effective User Interactions

According to the BNB Chain Blog, Hooked, a gamified educational platform on the BNB Chain, has effectively managed high transaction volumes while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, with its requirement for a large volume of on-chain interactions, the transaction costs on BNB Smart Chain might still be prohibitive, especially when the project needs to sponsor users' gas fees. This challenge was addressed by Hooked through a two-layer architecture.

Addressing High Traffic and Gasless Transactions

Hooked is a unique platform that provides a streamlined channel for non-tech savvy users to engage with the web3 world. It allows users to log in with Google accounts to create their Hooked wallet. Users can then participate in daily check-ins and finish quiz challenges to earn rewards, including soulbound token NFTs and in-app credits, which can be exchanged for on-chain tokens.

However, the project faced several challenges. For instance, popular campaigns would lead to significant increases in traffic that could potentially impact users' on-chain interactions. Another challenge was the need for gasless transactions to reduce friction for users. This required the project to sponsor the transaction costs for their users. Moreover, the infrastructure optimization was crucial to handle sudden traffic surges while maintaining smooth user interactions despite web3 complexities.

The Solution: opBNB and EIP4337

To address these challenges, Hooked implemented the opBNB network. opBNB is BNB Chain's scaling solution, offering higher throughput and lower gas fees. This helped Hooked handle traffic spikes effectively, while the much lower cost meant the project had to pay less gas to users compared with BSC.

The gasless solution was facilitated through the Smart Contract Wallet, powered by EIP4337, which also functions as a wallet-as-a-service. This enabled users to log in using their Google accounts to create a Hooked wallet on opBNB. The social login and smart wallet are powered by the Particle Network, which provides the embedded wallet and integrates with Google Authentication for users.

BNB Chain as Asset Layer

The BNB Chain, as the DeFi hub, serves as the asset layer for Hooked. Users can seamlessly exchange their in-app credits for Hooked tokens or other BEP/EIP20 tokens through DeFi platforms. Users are responsible for covering the gas fees associated with these exchanges. Additionally, users can also trade Hooked tokens they earned from learning on CEX like Binance.

By using opBNB as its interaction layer due to its affordability, Hooked can sponsor new users' gas costs. At the same time, leveraging opBNB's higher capacity of 100M gas per second, Hooked can effectively handle traffic spikes during its campaigns. Meanwhile, BSC serves as the asset layer, tapping into its status as the DeFi hub of the BNB Chain. This allows users the opportunity to pay their own gas fees, opening doors to explore the diverse DeFi offerings within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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