MetaBunny - An NFT Collection you don’t want to miss! Coming to you on 23rd MARCH 2022

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Since 2021, NFT has been one of the hottest topics, it is said that the year 2021 is the Birth Year of NFT. According to “The Collins Word of the Year 2021”, the use of the word “NFT” has seen a 1,100,00% increase. In the birth year of NFT, its estimated sales also increased over 2,000% between Q4 2020 to Q1 2021, from 93 Million USD to an astounding 2 Billion USD.

As the digital asset class develops and the demand for it grows, more investors are paying great attention to the Crypto Market. The attention for NFT grows at an even greater rate as news such as Yuga Labs acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs coming out. These were two of the most popular NFT projects in the space.

The art of finding a quality NFT project needs consideration of various facets as the number of NFT collections saturating the market. Based on its foundational elements and potential growth, the MetaBunny NFT project rises amidst countless so-called competitors in the market. (8).jpg

MetaBunny NFT is created by the largest Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange,, a team of professionals and thought leaders from Hong Kong. has been fostering the development of NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain Adoption and FinTech in Hong Kong, and the Digital Asset Exchange is positioned to be one of the key voices in the Hong Kong Crypto industry. prioritises MetaBunny as their main focus on its NFT x Metaverse expansion. MetaBunny NFT is a 10,000 Profile Pictures (PFP) Collection with 5 different scary levels which associate with different tiers of staking rewards in its upcoming GameFi application, Bunnyverse. Each MetaBunny is uniquely generated via an algorithmic art engine consisting of various parts, some cute and some violently scary, to make up the MetaBunny scary metre.

MetaBunny 1st round Public Sales (1,000 pieces) were sold out within an hour, at a 0.26ETH mint price on 20th January 2022. One of the rarest Metabunny, #107 was bought in the secondary market at 3.98ETH, a 15x from its original mint price! Another rare MetaBunny was also bought at an even higher price 9.09ETH, close to 35x from its mint price. MetaBunny has been all the hype in Hong Kong, capturing lots of support from Hong Kong celebrities and KOLs, and becoming a fashionable icon in the realm of Hong Kong LUX Style.

The 2nd round Public Sales will take place on 23rd March 2022. With its success earlier this year, there is bound to be another wave of “MetaBunny Insanity”. So what’s the magic of this NFT project? Why is it gaining much traction and support? Let’s debunk it in the coming sections.

MetaBunny was born in Hong Kong, created by the largest Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange, The team is fully doxxed, and it is determined to empower the MetaBunny NFT project continuously forward. MetaBunny was created with the “Play and Earn” aspects where players can enjoy the game while earning in-game assets in the upcoming Bunnyverse, a GameFi application for MetaBunny. There are different tiers of scary level 1-5, where scary level 1 is the least scary, and 5 as the scariest. The scary level also determines the rarity of the NFT, at the time of writing this article, among 1,200 minted MetaBunny, there are 11 MetaBunny at scary level 5, and 3 at scary level 1. Making scary level 1 the rarest thus far.

With its unique and innovative style, MetaBunny has gained much support from Hong Kong celebrities, many of whom have changed their profile display to MetaBunny NFT to showcase their keen interests to the MetaBunny project. The hipster-ish and meme centric DNA of MetaBunny combined with the fondness among many celebrities have contributed to the reasons why many people wish to collect this NFT!  

Observing from a bird's eye view, the most concerning thing is the depreciation of an NFT collection, or the RugPulls that happen so frequently in the crypto space. as the team that backs the MetaBunny NFT project, putting effort to deliver the items set in the roadmaps, and continuously empowering MetaBunny holders. For example after the 1st public sales, an extra 200 NFTs were minted to reward whitelisted members. Besides, upon the completion of the Bunnyverse, holders can reap $CARROT rewards by staking their NFTs. Bunnyverse is the GameFi application of MetaBunny NFT where MetaBunny holders can play and earn at the same time!


This time around, MetaBunny holders will get another list of benefits by minting and holding their NFTs:

   MetaBunny Holders can also go to 3 HK Physical store to claim a free 4G LTE prepaid card, as well as get a HKD500 discount on buying iPhone 13 / 12% off on buying Android phones

   Exclusive Avatar to the MetaBunny Game

   Enjoy High Reward Staking with the CARROT token

   Get free MetaBunny Airdrop

   Join exclusive Sandbox Metaverse Events

   Privilege to buy Limited Edition MetaBunny Figures and Goods

   Free entry to Metabunny Private Events at the Club ZFU

   Holders of MetaBunny NFTs with Scary Level 1 or 5 can join various Celebrities Parties and Artists Events 

   Copyright belongs to NFT holders


Closing thoughts: NFT is like a pillar, each pillar adds together and builds a castle that represents a collection or a project that expands its reach through constant development and capturing network effects. NFT is also a pass for many people to get into the digital asset space for the first time, experiencing what Web3 can bring to the new frontier of digital ownership and automated markets. WIth the aforementioned, MetaBunny NFT is set for an exponential growth year in this new era of NFT x Metaverse x Digital Asset Evolution.


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