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Master Tech Job Interviews with Personalized AI Coaching

AI coaching can enhance tech job interviews by preparing for interview questions, skills assessments, and personality tests, boosting confidence and preparing for real-time demonstrations.

  • Jun 06, 2024 11:35
Master Tech Job Interviews with Personalized AI Coaching

The tech industry is now more competitive than ever. Skilled technicians, programmers, and developers vie for a limited pool of jobs. The job search process can seem to drag on and on.


With such a bleak outlook, you may be wondering how you can master your upcoming tech job interviews so that you can jump off the hamster wheel and into your career. Technology can help. How?


Did you know that you can use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview? You can! Below, we’ll discuss how tech job interviews are similar to and different from interviews in other fields. Then, we’ll consider how you can use artificial intelligence (AI) coaching to prepare for interview questions, skills assessments, and personality tests.

How Tech Job Interviews Are Different

All job interviews have a few things in common—dressing to impress, giving a firm handshake, making confident eye contact, and answering rote interview questions such as, “What makes you a good fit for this position?” or “How do you work under pressure?”


But tech jobs are unique, and a few things set their interviews apart. As part of the interview process, you may be asked to complete skills assessments or demonstrate your coding abilities. This is known as the “practical interview.” Unlike many other fields, having a certain degree or license won’t get you the job. You need to be able to demonstrate in real time that you have the technical skills to do the job well.


Depending on the company, you may also be asked to take a personality test, like the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) or the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. These tests help the employer determine whether you’ll be a good fit for the company culture and general stress level.


ChatGPT and similar AI software can help you prepare for all of these stages of a tech job interview.

Preparing for Interview Questions

You don’t have to practice interview questions in front of a mirror anymore. You can prompt AI text generators like ChatGPT or Google Gemini to ask common interview questions specific to your industry.


You can also get helpful feedback on your answers. Type your response along with the prompt, “Is this a good response?” The AI will offer suggestions and even re-wordings to make your answers more compelling.


If you want to take it a step further, you can use AI-powered programs specifically designed as interview simulators. For example, Interview AI’s “professional career coach,” Ava, is a chatbot that will provide mock interview feedback.


Either of these methods of practice will help you think through common questions in advance so you won’t be caught off guard at your interview. You can enter the interview with poise and confidence.

Preparing for Practical Skills Assessments

You’ve no doubt packed away years of education and experience, giving you the skills you need to perform your job well. But you may still feel nervous about taking a practical exam in real-time. AI can coach you through that process, too.


Ask your AI assistant to “ask me a question from a web designer skills assessment” or “ask me a question from a coding practical exam.” Along with the question, it will also provide an answer, including a sample implementation of the coding function if applicable. You can compare your solutions to those offered.


Practicing a few questions like this can likewise build your confidence and settle your nerves.

Preparing for Personality Assessments

If you’re asked to complete a personality assessment, don’t worry—you won’t be spending time on a psychiatrist’s couch. Personality assessments are self-reported. Likely, you will simply be checking multiple-choice answers on a computer screen.


If you so choose, you can take a personality assessment online. Simply Google the name of a test, such as the Briggs-Meyers. Then, ask your AI assistant questions to help you learn about your results. Remember, there are no wrong answers on a personality test. Everyone’s personality can be mapped on spectrums or slide rules between traits; tests just identify your dominant traits.


You can also use your AI assistant to research the personality types most in demand by the company or industry you are interested in. For example, according to ChatGPT, Google looks for intellectual curiosity, adaptability, resilience, and “Googleyness”—a “unique blend” of humility, conscientiousness, and comfort with ambiguity. When you know what your employer may be looking for, you can highlight ways you’ve demonstrated these traits.

Key Takeaways

Tech isn’t just what you do at work—it can help you land your dream job as well. You can use emerging AI technologies as a personal interview coach. Practice common interview questions, solve skills assessment questions, and learn about how well you will fit in with the company’s culture.


These activities will build your confidence and help you shine on your interview day. Get started today!

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