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Lawyers for SBF time to discuss additional bail conditions

Sam Bankman-lawyers Fried's requested extra time to negotiate bail terms and identify a technical expert.

  • Mar 01, 2023 10:31
Lawyers for SBF time to discuss additional bail conditions

In the federal court, the attorneys who are defending former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried have asked for additional time to prepare and present a proposal concerning the conditions of their client's release on bond. This request was made in response to the fact that the attorneys need additional time to prepare the proposal. A request similar to this one was submitted in response to a request that was made by the court.

Mark Cohen of Cohen & Gressler stated on February 24 in a document that was presented to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that the legal team wanted until March 3 to present a proposal for additional bail conditions for Bankman-Fried and find a suitable candidate to act as a technical expert in the case. This document was submitted to the court by Cohen & Gressler. In addition, Mark Cohen indicated that the legal team desired to locate a good candidate to testify in the case by March 3; they stated that they wanted to give themselves this much time. During the course of the hearings for the case, the judge was shown the document that was being submitted. Following the hearing that took place on February 16 concerning the usage of a virtual private network, also known as a VPN, by the former CEO of FTX, the attorneys reached a consensus to retain the services of an expert witness.

It is said in the brief that "the parties have been painstakingly assessing individuals to serve as the Court's technical consultant; but, they have not yet discovered a qualified candidate." " In a way that is analogous to this, the parties have been having fruitful conversations over additional bail terms for Mr. Bankman-Fried; despite this, they would want more time to finish those talks.

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