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IOTA Awards $2.36 Million in Grants to 20 Blockchain Projects

Rongchai Wang Jun 11, 2024 16:30

IOTA Grants program awards $2.36 million to 20 blockchain projects, supporting diverse sectors.

IOTA Awards $2.36 Million in Grants to 20 Blockchain Projects

The IOTA Foundation has awarded $2.36 million in grants to 20 blockchain projects as part of its ongoing IOTA Grants program, according to the IOTA Foundation Blog. The initiative aims to foster innovation within the IOTA ecosystem by providing financial support to a diverse range of projects.

Grant Program Overview

Since the last update, the IOTA Grants program received 82 applications, out of which 20 were selected for funding. The total awarded amount stands at $2,365,000, supporting projects across various categories including decentralized exchanges (DEX), NFT marketplaces, GameFi, and tooling.

Highlighted Grant Recipients

SYMMIO / IntentX

Category: Perpetuals
Website:  / X: @symm_io

SYMMIO is an omnichain settlement and clearing layer for derivatives. It offers Derivatives as a Service (DaaS), enabling decentralized exchanges to introduce derivatives products seamlessly.

Velocimeter / Graphene

Category: DEX
Website:  /  X: @VelocimeterDEX

Velocimeter is a ve33 protocol with modifications to optimize token emissions and liquidity provision, aiming to offer more flexibility and efficiency.


Category: DEX
Website: / X: @PopsicleFinance

WAGMI protocol focuses on advanced liquidity provision strategies and leverage, utilizing concentrated liquidity to optimize returns.


Category: DEX & NFT Marketplace
Website:  / X: @MagicSeaDEX

MagicSea is a DEX and NFT marketplace on IOTA EVM, designed to boost the ecosystem's growth by supporting promising projects through a comprehensive builders program.


Category: DEX
Website:  / X: @otseaERC20

OTSea facilitates peer-to-peer trades across various chains and offers features like an auto-match system and buy/sell orders to protect users from scams via trustless smart contracts.


Category: NFT Marketplace
Website:  /  X: @Epoch_0

EpochZero provides NFT analytics and a marketplace, delivering insights and data through a resident bot and a web portal, enhancing user experience and market engagement.


Category: Yield & Asset Management
Website:  /  X: @furucombo

Furucombo enables users to create and execute complex DeFi transactions through a user-friendly interface, aiming to enhance the IOTA ecosystem by attracting more users and funds.


Category: Yield & Asset Management
Website:  /  X: @ApeBond

ApeBond, formerly ApeSwap, focuses on decentralized fundraising and OTC services to help projects raise capital and liquidity without impacting token prices negatively.


Category: Tooling
Website:  /  X: @sherlockdefi

Sherlock's Audit Subsidy Program provides financial assistance for smart contract audits, enhancing security and encouraging protocol development on IOTA.

Single Finance

Category: Yield & Asset Management
Website:  /  X: @single_finance

Single Finance offers performance analytics, auto-compounding, and risk management strategies to maximize yield farming returns while minimizing risks.

Rango Exchange

Category: Aggregator
Website:  /  X: @RangoExchange

Rango is a bridge and DEX aggregator supporting over 55 blockchains, aiming to enhance usability and attract more users to the IOTA network.


Category: GameFi
Website:  / X: @SaltminesCo

Saltmines is a Player vs. Player battle arena racer featuring EVM-to-EVM battles, designed to attract Web2 users into the Web3 space through engaging gameplay.

The IOTA Grants program continues to drive innovation across the blockchain space, supporting a wide range of projects that contribute to the growth and development of the IOTA ecosystem. Stay updated and engage with these innovative projects by following them on X.

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