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Google Cloud Becomes Validator on Polygon's PoS Network

Rebeca Moen Oct 02, 2023 05:55

Google Cloud has joined Polygon's PoS network as a validator, adding an extra layer of security and credibility. The network already has over 100 validators, and Google Cloud's involvement is expected to further strengthen it. Users can monitor validator performance through a dedicated dashboard, where Google Cloud has staked 25,391.67 MATIC.

Google Cloud Becomes Validator on Polygon's PoS Network

On September 29, 2023, Google Cloud made a significant move by joining Polygon's Proof of Stake (PoS) network as a validator. The development was confirmed by both Polygon Labs and Google Cloud Singapore through their respective Twitter accounts. Google Cloud will utilize the same infrastructure that powers its flagship services, such as YouTube and Gmail, to contribute to the security and governance of Polygon's network.

Google Cloud's entry into Polygon's PoS network is a milestone for multiple reasons. First, it adds a layer of institutional credibility to the network, which already boasts over 100 validators. Google Cloud is renowned for its high-quality, secure, and reliable services, making it a valuable addition to the validator set. This is particularly important for enhancing the security protocols for Heimdall, Bor, and Polygon PoS users.

In the Polygon PoS network, validators are entities that produce new blocks and confirm transactions. They play a crucial role in maintaining the network's integrity and security. Validators are chosen based on the amount of MATIC tokens they have staked as collateral. The more MATIC staked, the higher the chances of being chosen to validate transactions and create new blocks.

Polygon's PoS network has a diverse range of validators, each contributing to the network's collective security and governance. According to the latest data from Polygon's staking technology website, Staked leads with 47,714,780.75 MATIC staked. Infosys follows with 20,927,642.45 MATIC. Other notable validators include Ethermon Validator with 21,413,514.21 MATIC and Worldpay from FIS with 14,524,984.72 MATIC staked. Google Cloud's stake is comparatively modest but significant, with 25,391.67 MATIC staked at a commission rate of 100%.

Polygon Labs has provided a dashboard accessible at Polygon's staking technology website. This dashboard allows anyone to monitor the performance and checkpoint signatures of all validators, offering a transparent view into the network's operations.

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