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Golem Partners with GamerHash AI to Develop AI Windows Provider

Golem, in partnership with GamerHash AI, is developing an AI Windows Provider to facilitate sharing of GPU resources for AI computations.

  • May 17, 2024 14:51
Golem Partners with GamerHash AI to Develop AI Windows Provider

Golem's Partnership with GamerHash AI

In a recent announcement, Golem, a pioneer in the field of distributed computing, revealed it is collaborating with GamerHash AI on the development of a Windows AI Provider. This solution is designed to facilitate the sharing of GPU resources for AI computations. The AI Windows Provider, however, will not accommodate the rental of a virtual machine with a GPU, limiting its capabilities to running AI computations exclusively.

Why Develop an AI Windows Provider?

The development of the AI Windows Provider is aimed at enabling the connection of GPU resources to support AI computations. The partnership with GamerHash AI allows Golem to tap into the gaming community's GPU resources, thereby providing the necessary infrastructure for the AI industry. Gamers represent the most extensive consumer segment of GPUs, and utilising these resources could potentially enable unlimited scalability of AI computations on Golem.

Who Can Use the AI Windows Provider?

The AI Windows Provider is primarily intended for gamers with PCs equipped with GPUs, who are interested in earning money by renting out their machines. However, it also provides value to standalone AI/ML developers and small teams, as well as AI/ML-based SaaS companies and startups, including founders, CTOs, AI/ML Ops, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers.

Technical Aspects of the AI Windows Provider

Golem's AI Windows Provider will provide a significant shift from the traditional Linux providers. Instead of dealing with command line scripts, users will be presented with a Windows GUI application that offers a simpler way to manage their node. Recognising that the standard virtual machine ExeUnit is not the best fit for the Windows environment currently, Golem is developing specialised ExeUnits to handle specific AI tasks. Requests will not access the Provider's machine directly; instead, they will be routed to the framework, enhancing the security for providers while limiting the requestor's flexibility due to the absence of general computations.

Benefits for Users

Users of the AI Provider will earn money in the form of USDT, with settlements being handled by GamerHash AI. In addition to financial incentives, users will also play a part in the AI revolution and contribute to the development of the AI industry and the ecosystem of the decentralised Golem Network platform. For users of the Golem Network (Requestors) who will utilise the computing power provided by AI Providers, the primary benefit will be the low cost of AI infrastructure and the ability to perform large scale AI calculations.

AI Provider's Connection with other AI/GPU Projects

Due to potentially higher user adoption, the AI Provider is expected to offer more computing power than the GPU Provider. All planned services and applications will be able to utilise this power, with the sole exception being the Rent GPU application, which enables the rental of a virtual machine with a GPU and will not be able to use AI Provider solutions. Golem plans to complete the Proof of Concept of the project in Q2, the MVP version in Q3, and beta test it with users from the GamerHash community. The release is scheduled for Q4.

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