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Ethereum Foundation Unveils Devcon 7 Supporter Program and Impact Forum

Felix Pinkston May 30, 2024 16:34

Ethereum Foundation launches Devcon 7 Supporter Program and Impact Forum in Southeast Asia.

Ethereum Foundation Unveils Devcon 7 Supporter Program and Impact Forum

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the return of the Devcon Supporter Program and the introduction of the Impact Forum for Devcon 7, which will take place in Southeast Asia. According to the Ethereum Foundation Blog, the Supporter Program offers new ways to fund Ethereum-related public goods and impactful projects, providing an alternative to traditional event sponsorships.

Join as a Supporter

The Devcon Supporter Program allows teams to contribute toward the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting public goods. Teams that participate will receive tickets to Devcon SEA as a token of appreciation for their contributions. To join, interested teams must complete an application form, which is open until July 31, 2024.

The Impact Forum

Devcon 7 will feature the Impact Forum, offering dedicated spaces for teams to connect and engage with those making significant contributions to the Ethereum community. Some teams will be invited to these sessions in Bangkok, regardless of the amount they have contributed. This forum aims to facilitate meaningful interactions within specific parts of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Inclusivity by Design

The Supporter Program is designed to be inclusive, encouraging participation from diverse teams. Whether operating on a limited budget or part of a larger organization, all teams making a difference in the Ethereum ecosystem are encouraged to apply. There are several structured participation options to accommodate different team sizes and budgets.

Participation Tiers

As a Supporter

  1. Apply: Fill out the application form to become a Supporter.
  2. Connect: Await guidance on the next steps.
  3. Contribute: Support selected Ethereum public goods.
  4. Receive: Get Devcon 7 tickets as a gesture of thanks.

As an Impact Team

  1. Learn More & Apply: Teams with limited budgets can apply to join Devcon as an Impact Team at no cost.
  2. Connect: Await tailored guidance for your team.
  3. Receive: Approved Impact teams will receive Devcon 7 tickets as thanks.

Other Updates


The first opportunity to obtain tickets for Devcon 7 will commence in June with a Raffle-Auction, followed by other ticket opportunities in July. Various discounts will be available to make the event more accessible, including Builder discounts and Local discounts for Southeast Asia.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaker applications for Devcon SEA will open in July. Until then, the community is encouraged to share their preferences for speakers on the Devcon Forum.

Travel Information

Devcon 7 is scheduled for November 12-15, 2024, at the QSNCC venue in Bangkok. Attendees are advised to book accommodations close to the Metro or Skytrain, as the venue is directly connected to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Metro stop.

Attendees are also encouraged to plan extra days before and after the conference to participate in additional events and explore Bangkok or Southeast Asia. A city guide for Bangkok will be released soon.

The Ethereum Foundation looks forward to the collaborations and contributions that will emerge from Devcon 7.

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