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Crypto is No Longer Men Club as More Female Entering the Space, Study Shows

Brian Njuguna Jun 08, 2022 06:40

A study finds more women are participating and investing in this crypto sector, which men no longer dominate in terms of gender.

Crypto is No Longer Men Club as More Female Entering the Space, Study Shows

Women are no longer excluded from the crypto bandwagon because they are rapidly participating and investing in this sector, according to a co-study by mobile crypto wallet Valora and global market researcher Appinio.

“It’s encouraging to see women from around the world joining the crypto community and unlocking new financial opportunities,” Jackie Bona, Valora’s CEO, pointed out.

Bona added that the notion of crypto being a boys’ club was fading away as more women were setting foot in the sector. She noted:

“Crypto has this reputation for being a bit of a boys' club, but more and more women are now empowered to meaningfully participate in this new financial system.”

Women are taking up the crypto mantle as most of them made their first investment in this sector less than a year ago. Per the study:

“Nearly two-thirds (60.6%) of women who own crypto made their first crypto investment less than one year ago.”

Furthermore, twice as many women made their crypto investment within the last six months at 28.1% compared to more than two years ago at 13.9%. 

Therefore, this phenomenon represents a trending shift. Per the research:

“Until recently, the space was predominantly made up of men. Over half (51.8%) of men made their first cryptocurrency investment more than a year ago.”

More women are entering the crypto sector based on changing needs, tastes, and preferences. Morgan Beller, a general partner at Valora, said:

“I think the growth can be attributed to need, want, increased understanding/education, and superior product experiences.”

The study was conducted between March 23 and April 10, 2022, and surveyed 1,500 NFT and crypto investors or owners aged 18 to 65 across Spain, France, Germany, the USA, and the UK.

A past survey by crypto exchange KuCoin noted that women’s desire to know about cryptocurrencies was considerably higher than that of men in Turkey, Blockchain.News reported. 

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