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Conflux Network Announces Upcoming Hardfork Upgrade

Terrill Dicki May 24, 2024 14:46

Conflux Network reveals plans for a Hardfork system upgrade, featuring modifications of 12 different CIPs.

Conflux Network Announces Upcoming Hardfork Upgrade

Conflux Network Prepares for Hardfork Upgrade

In a recent announcement, the Conflux Network has revealed that it is planning to implement modifications of 12 different Conflux Improvement Proposals (CIPs) in its next Hardfork system upgrade. This report comes via a post on the Conflux Forum, highlighting the scope of the forthcoming modifications.

Details of the CIPs

The proposed modifications include CIP-130, CIP-131, CIP-132, CIP-133, CIP-136, CIP-137, CIP-141, CIP-142, CIP-143, CIP-144, CIP-145, and CIP-1559. These CIPs can be broadly categorised into different areas such as: the introduction of the 1559 mechanism; compatibility with the Cancun upgrade; addition of system functionalities; consensus protocol adjustments; and bug fixes.

Notably, CIP-1559 and CIP-137 are focused on the introduction of the 1559 mechanism. This mechanism aims to improve the predictability of transaction fees in the Conflux Network. CIP-141, CIP-142, CIP-143, and CIP-144 are intended to ensure compatibility with the Cancun upgrade. CIP-133 is aimed at enhancing system functionalities, while CIP-130 and CIP-136 propose adjustments to the consensus protocol. Lastly, CIP-131, CIP-132, and CIP-145 are centered on fixing various bugs.

Implications for the Conflux Network

The upcoming modifications in the Hardfork system upgrade reflect the Conflux Network's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. By addressing areas such as system functionality, protocol adjustments, and bug fixes, the network is taking steps to ensure its robustness and efficiency. The proposed modifications also demonstrate the network's responsiveness to technological advancements and changes in the wider crypto-ecosystem, as exemplified by the incorporation of the 1559 mechanism and the compatibility with the Cancun upgrade.

Given the complexity and technicality of these CIPs, the Conflux Network has provided detailed information on each proposal on their GitHub page. This transparency enables users and developers to understand the implications of the proposed modifications and to contribute to the ongoing development of the Conflux Network.

Looking Forward

With these proposed modifications, the Conflux Network continues to evolve and adapt to meet its users' needs. The upcoming Hardfork system upgrade signifies the network's ongoing commitment to enhancing its functionality, security, and overall user experience. As the network continues to grow, these modifications will play a crucial role in shaping its future direction and success.

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