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Circle Launches Programmable Wallets for Developers

Terrill Dicki Aug 08, 2023 16:00

Circle has launched Programmable Wallets, a service allowing developers to embed crypto wallets in apps. The blockchain-agnostic tool supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Circle Launches Programmable Wallets for Developers

Circle, a prominent financial technology company, has announced the launch of Programmable Wallets, a new product designed to bridge the gap between the traditional internet and blockchain networks. The announcement was made on Circle's official blog.

Key Details

Purpose: Programmable Wallets aim to simplify the development of crypto-enabled applications by abstracting complexities such as private key security, blockchain node operations, transaction management, and interoperability across blockchains.

Target Audience: The product is designed for developers, enabling them to embed secure crypto wallets in any application and leverage the speed and global reach of Web3 technology.

Features: The core features of Programmable Wallets include user-controlled wallets, developer-controlled wallets, REST APIs, iOS and Android SDKs, webhooks, a wallet operations dashboard, multiparty computation (MPC) cryptographic security, and blockchain agnosticism. More features, such as Gas Abstraction and Smart Contract Wallets, are expected in the coming months.

Pricing: The pricing model is described as "Pay-as-you-grow," with a rebate on USDC usage, starting at $0.05 per Monthly Active Wallet.

Context and Background

The launch of Programmable Wallets comes as part of Circle's ongoing efforts to improve user experience with blockchains. Since the launch of USDC, the Open Source digital dollar APIs in 2018, Circle has been working to deliver infrastructure that enhances the blockchain experience. USDC is now in use on multiple networks, and Circle has also unveiled the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) to enable USDC to flow natively across blockchains. 

Circle's most well-known stablecoin, USDC, is the fifth largest digital asset and  well-used in the crypto world. USDC plays a vital role in the crypto ecosystem, providing a stable asset for traders who need to quickly enter and exit trades.

Programmable Wallets offer flexibility to developers, allowing them to choose the right security controls and customize the wallet experience according to their use case. Over 4,000 businesses are already building with USDC, and Programmable Wallets are expected to further increase customer satisfaction while maintaining security and usability.


Circle's launch of Programmable Wallets represents a significant step in simplifying the development of blockchain-powered apps. By offering a wide range of features and flexibility, Programmable Wallets are poised to expedite the adoption of crypto-enabled applications. The product's beta version is available for businesses, developers, and builders, and interested parties can sign up through Circle's Web3 Services Developer Console.

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