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BNB Chain's Greenfield Enhances User Experience with v1.6 Updates

Luisa Crawford May 18, 2024 10:59

BNB Chain announces user experience improvements in the latest version of its Greenfield platform.

BNB Chain's Greenfield Enhances User Experience with v1.6 Updates

BNB Chain, a leading blockchain community, has unveiled notable enhancements in its Greenfield platform since version 1.6. The updates are primarily focused on streamlining off-chain authentication and introducing a novel method for object creation.

BEP-361 and BEP-364: Enhancing User Experience

BEP-361 and BEP-364 have undergone significant changes to improve the user experience. BEP-361 now facilitates streamlined off-chain authentication, which allows users to finalize their identity verification in Decentralized Applications (DApps) with a single signature. This enhancement simplifies integration complexities for developers and improves the overall user experience.

Streamlining Off-Chain Authentication

The updated workflow eliminates the need for a wallet signature during EdDSA Key Pair generation, simplifying identity verification within DApps. This streamlined approach benefits popular wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet, enabling them to seamlessly facilitate user authentication with a single signature.

New Method for Object Creation

BEP-364 introduces a simplified method for object creation. Users no longer need to calculate checksums or send transactions to the Greenfield blockchain when uploading objects. Instead, they can directly send the object to the Primary Storage Provider (SP). This update reduces the need for transaction confirmations and wallet signature pop-ups, streamlines the process of uploading multiple objects, and simplifies the provider's integration with Greenfield.

Why the Change?

The changes to the Greenfield platform have resulted in numerous benefits. Firstly, the system now handles erasure coding and checksum calculations server-side, relieving users from these complex tasks. Secondly, users no longer need to interact with the blockchain network before uploading, eliminating the need for network switching and cryptocurrency possession. This results in a smoother and more efficient uploading process. Lastly, it minimizes the number of interactions with service providers and the Greenfield chain, simplifying the integration process for developers.

Adoption of BEP-364

DCellar, a platform for decentralized storage, has already adopted BEP-364. Thanks to this upgrade, users can now upload files faster than ever before.

BNB Greenfield is committed to enhancing the platform's usability while reducing complexities. By constantly evolving its technology, it aims to offer the best experience to its users. To stay updated on everything BNB Chain, users can follow BNB Chain on various social media platforms and visit their official website.

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