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Blockchain - The Most Important Technology of This Century

Why we all need to talk about Blockchain.

  • Sep 08, 2019 02:29
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I believe blockchain to be the defining technology of this century and it’s come not a moment too soon. The technology is vital not only in and of itself but for the ethos that comes with it. Frequently when I speak with ‘non-blockchain’ people I find they still use those words – Ponzi, darknet, scam. Despite a worldly awareness of the general malaise that afflicts our planet, they are still content to view blockchain as somehow evil.

This frankly does my head in. Blockchain is a technology that surpasses existing technologies. It allows for new ways of doing, sharing, or communicating. It is agnostic in its application. The beauty of Blockchain for me is that it allows for a way of ‘unthinking’ the world in which we live.

And that is the beauty. We may wish to change the world – for the better – but that is a hard thing to do without tools. Blockchain provides real-world applications and uses that can reinforce our new ambitions and dreams. And I deliberately use the words ambitions and dreams in the same sentence, in the same breath.

Can we dream to change the world? Can we have ambitions to change the world? Yes, we can. The intrinsically crucial part of blockchain is the fever of the people working in this space. It is not enough to create, these people are creating consciously. 

I know this and if you are reading this quote then you know this. However, there are many – see my first paragraph – who do not know this. It is beholden on those of us who see a future, a new future, to ensure everyone knows about the possibilities. At its very heart is the possibility to democratize everything. People often say tokenize everything – and that is part of the clarion call too – but democratize everything is even stronger.

So, if you reading this and also believe in the power of blockchain, go and tell a friend, a colleague and a neighbor. We can’t afford to let this transformational technology be sidetracked, kidnapped or worse left behind by forces that are threatened by the democratizing impact of blockchain.


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