Blockchain-Powered Farm to Plate Portal to Mitigate Recalls

Brian Njuguna   Oct 18, 2019 06:53 2 Min Read

Farm to Plate, a blockchain-enabled provenance tracking portal by Paramount Software Solutions, is set to address the challenge of recalls witnessed in the food & beverage sector. 

According to Paramount Software Solutions, Farm to Plate is a transparent and exceptional real-time and blockchain-powered provenance tracking portal intended for field and farm products. 

Realistically, products in the food & beverage sector, such as restaurants, are sourced from many locations across the globe. This has proven to be challenging because these businesses require complex systems to detect the reasons for contamination or damage, as well as the point of occurrence. With the absence of proper records, this is a daunting task.

Farm to Plate seeks to mitigate this difficulty by availing real-time insights about a product’s origin and handling information, such as date and location. 

Recalls Addressed

In case of a recall, the data availed in the Farm to Plate portal will be narrowed down to a particular bundle or lot, and ultimately location. 

This approach is deemed productive because wastage will be  minimized as all products will not be recalled. By using blockchain technology, the information obtained through the provenance and tracking portal will assist companies in deterring future recalls and damages. This will be prompted by secure, transparent, immutable, and dependable data entries.

During the unveiling of Farm to Plate, Pramod Sajja, the President & CEO of Paramount Software Solutions noted:

"Paramount understands that every business has problems that are very specific to them, and solutions need to be developed, keeping those exact needs. Farm to Plate was built keeping that in mind – not only does it provide easy access to very powerful and solid data that is immutable, and easily traceable but it can be customized to the needs of businesses wanting to go into the specifics that are more relevant to them."

Farm to Plate utilizes a tracking system built on HyperledFger Fabric 1.4 and runs within Docker Containers on Ubuntu Linux 18.04. 

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