Blockchain Enhances Traceability of Organic Cotton from Farm to Consumer

Brian Njuguna   Nov 22, 2019 11:30

Fashion for Good, PVH Corp, C&A Foundation & Organic Cotton Accelerator, Bext 360, and Zalando have successfully
collaborated on a blockchain pilot project that traces organic cotton from farm to consumer.

Notably, in recent years, there has been intense pressure for transparency to be incorporated into the fashion value chain from consumers and governments. 

In an attempt to further address transparency concerns, this blockchain pilot project seeks to revolutionize the apparel industry by offering a physical and digital trail of organic cotton, making traceability, transparency, and reliability inevitable. 

The managing director of Fashion for Good, Katrin Ley, asserted: “The success of the Organic Cotton Traceability pilot provides a positive impulse towards traceability and transparency in the value chain. We’ve gathered sufficient insights and evidence to support the case, in terms of technical as well as operational viability, for the wider implementation of the process in the organic cotton industry. In addition, the process shows enormous potential for further expansion to include other fibers in the fashion supply chain.”

Organic cotton is favored because it promotes healthy ecosystems, people, and soils. Additionally, it is a key fiber when it comes to sustainability strategies fronted by global fashion brands. 

Organic cotton is also environmentally friendly because it presents a lower ecological impact because of minimal chemical usages, such as insecticides and pesticides. The blockchain pilot project will propel the adoption of organic cotton because of the traceability and transparency presented. 


Image via Shutterstock

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