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Binance Square Launches 'Write to Earn' Campaign

Binance Square announces a new 'Write to Earn' campaign that allows creators to earn from their content.

  • May 20, 2024 02:24
Binance Square Launches 'Write to Earn' Campaign

Binance Square Initiates 'Write to Earn' Campaign

Binance Square, formerly known as Binance Feed, has launched a new promotion called 'Write to Earn.' This initiative allows Binance Square creators to earn 5% trading fee commissions from spot, margin, or futures trades made by their readers. The promotion period runs from May 20, 2024, to July 14, 2024.

Eligibility and Participation

To be eligible for this promotion, Binance Square creators must meet specific requirements. These include completing account verification, setting up a profile on Binance Square, and posting a minimum of seven posts with at least 200 characters each in the past 30 days. To participate, creators need to register on the promotion page, publish qualified content pieces, and they can earn 5% in trading fee commissions from regular and VIP 1-2 users' spot, margin, and futures trades.

Reward Structure

Each week, Binance will tabulate the commission rewards accumulated by each qualified participant and distribute the weekly commission rewards in FDUSD to eligible Binance Square creators' funding wallets by the following Thursday at 23:59 (UTC). However, weekly commission rewards will only be distributed to users when the value of weekly commission rewards is at least 0.1 FDUSD.

About Binance Square

Binance Square aims to be the one-stop social platform for the latest trends in Web3. The platform serves as a bridge between content creators and their followers, customizing users' feeds based on their respective engagement history. This promotion is another step towards encouraging more user interaction and participation on the platform.

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