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Binance CEO Denies Bloomberg's Net Worth Report

Zach Anderson Apr 28, 2023 08:05

Binance CEO CZ denies Bloomberg's finance rich list that reported his net worth to be $28.2 billion. He claims to have a lot less than what is reported by some media outlets. CZ also stated that he does not view FTX exchange as a rival and welcomes more well-run exchanges in the space. CZ has been critical of mainstream media's representation of the cryptocurrency industry and has repeatedly denied information from major sources like Bloomberg and Forbes.

Binance CEO Denies Bloomberg's Net Worth Report

Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, the CEO of Binance, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has refuted the net worth stated by Bloomberg in its financial rich list. Bloomberg included Zhao on its list of the world's richest people in finance. With an estimated wealth of $28.2 billion, CZ is positioned among the top three financial billionaires in the world, as shown by the ranking. On the other hand, CZ said on Twitter on April 27 that the statistics are all incorrect and that he does not have anywhere near as much money as what is supposed to have been the case for him, notwithstanding what was previously stated.

CZ began his tweet with the number 4, meaning that his worth should fall somewhere between Dan Gilbert's $19.4 billion and Uday Kotak's $13 billion. Uday Kotak is the richest person in India. It should not come as a surprise that CZ would take the initiative to call attention to the falsehoods that have been reported, given that he has been critical of the way that the cryptocurrency business is portrayed by mainstream media sites. He has made a number of denials about the information that was provided by authoritative sources such as Bloomberg and Forbes, often labeling such stories as FUD, which stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

CZ's critical position on the industry's depiction in mainstream media was clear in his reaction to a story published by Forbes, which said that Binance had proceeded with a "backroom maneuver" involving a $1.8 billion transaction in 2022. The article claimed that Binance had done this in order to circumvent regulatory oversight. It was his contention that Forbes "don't know how an exchange works." In a similar manner, he disproved a story from Bloomberg that said Binance was contemplating severing connections with its US-based business partners.

In addition to correcting certain errors that had been made in the article, CZ said in his tweet that he does not consider the defunct FTX bitcoin exchange to be a competitor of his company's. He emphasized the need of better-run exchanges in the cryptocurrency market and expressed his satisfaction with the increasing number of well-run exchanges in the sector.

The cryptocurrency market is receiving a growing amount of attention from the mainstream media as a result of stories detailing its enormous growth potential and adoption by institutional investors. Nevertheless, CZ's criticism of the mainstream media draws attention to the need of truthful reporting on the innovations and evolution of the business.

CZ's rejection of Bloomberg's net worth report and his critical attitude on the depiction of the cryptocurrency sector in mainstream media both underscore the need of factual reporting. In conclusion, CZ's position on the representation of the cryptocurrency industry in mainstream media is crucial. Reporting that is well-informed and provides a fair picture of the innovations and progress of the industry is required because of the growth potential of the sector and the rising usage of its products.

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