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Best safe investments for your money in 2021

Choosing a reliable broker is a major concern if you want to trade your investments in safe hands since the safety of funds is always the most important.

  • Aug 27, 2021 06:00
Best safe investments for your money in 2021

High liquidity is what you're after if you choose to invest, but it's not all that matters. For any individual investor, the safety of their funds is all the most important. Choosing a reliable broker is of high importance if you want to trade and feel your investments are in safe hands.

Exness Broker can provide safety for your investments. But what options can you have to ensure high profit from your investments?

Here we offer you a closer look at the safest and most profitable investment options you can opt for to ensure the highest returns in 2021.

Investing in gold

Gold is a truly unique asset. Mainly because it carries no counterparty risk. If you wish to invest in gold, you can do so through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), purchasing stock in gold miners and associated companies, or buying a solid product.

Gold is known to provide competitive returns compared to other assets. What makes gold a perfect investment is that fiat currencies tend to fall in value against gold. The latest analysis shows that investors holding between 2% to 10% of their funds in gold can significantly improve long-term performance.


Investing in stocks

Imagine you invest by purchasing tiny fractional ownership pieces (shares) in a public company. Doing so, you're literally making a bet that a particular company develops and performs well over time. And if you make a wise choice of a company you decide to invest in and it does grow well, the stocks you hold will become more valuable, making them more desirable to other stock investors who will have to pay more for them than you once did. You can find more info about what is happening in stock markets by reading FXStreet news.

Here are the most profitable stock sectors you should check out now:


The ongoing pandemic has led to a surge in online shopping. Many consumers who have never purchased anything on the Internet suddenly found themselves ordering groceries, clothing, and even large household appliances online. Moreover, many admire the convenience of online shopping and might not go back. With that said, e-commerce is booming and will likely continue to do so.

Health Care

With most pharmaceutical manufacturers currently focusing mainly on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, there are plenty of smaller medical companies, which are also growing at a staggering rate.


The pandemic has hugely impacted the travel industry. However, the stock prices of travel companies are lower than ever before, making it probably the best time to invest before the shares skyrocket once again.

Green Energy

Renewable energy can provide us with an infinite source of non-polluting power. Needless to say, companies focused on green energy options are doing overwhelmingly well today.


Investing in government bonds

Investments in government bonds are among the safest investments you can make as the state's credit backs the bonds. Government bonds are also highly liquid, although their value fluctuates depending on such risk factors as interest rate or inflation.

Investing in corporate bonds

Corporate bonds can be of particular interest to investors such as retirees looking for a stable cash flow or just anyone who wants a higher yield than government bond funds can provide. The best part is that you can buy or sell your fund shares at any time. You can also reinvest income or make additional investments if needed. Make sure to stick with respectable, blue-chip companies to be on the safe side with your funds.

Investing in real estate

Real estate makes an excellent investment, especially if you choose to self-manage your properties. For instance, if you purchase a few innovative (smart) properties in good locations, you will make easy passive income as tenants will fight over renting your apartment.

While beneficial from many angles, real estate can also prove complicated to offload in case if you need to quickly raise money, as you can't instantly sell your properties with a few clicks on your phone.

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