Authentication of Medicinal Products Made Possible by Blockchain Technology

Brian Njuguna   Dec 10, 2019 06:00 1 Min Read (24).jpg

Kadena, a blockchain network, has partnered with Rymedi, a healthcare data platform provider, to validate the quality of medicinal products via blockchain.  

Through the strategic collaboration, Rymedi will offer its prowess in the healthcare spectrum by capturing, tracking, and sharing data via Kadena’s blockchain technology about medicinal products. 

Rymedi’s CEO, David Stefanich, noted: “With their deep experience in financial markets and transaction data, Kadena is a uniquely aligned partner for us. With several use cases already live around the world, we’re making plans to broaden our partnership and offer even more value to our customers across healthcare data-silos.”

Rymedi is involved in various global projects. For instance, this firm is currently working with the World Health Organization in Mongolia to enable it to emerge as the first nation to eradicate Hepatitis C by 2020. 

Nearly 8.5% of the Mongolian population has Hepatitis C, and Rymedi has been deploying Kadena’s blockchain technology to assist in the vaccination process. 

Some of the medicinal products being currently tracked by Rymedi and Kadena include antibiotics, Hepatitis C cures, cancer treatments, CBD products, kidney dialysis, HIV treatments, and neonatal pulmonary treatments. Deployments are happening in Kenya, Mongolia, and the USA, and they are expected to be extended to various Caribbean and Central American countries. 


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